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What / Where I Ate in Woodstock, Georgia, U.S.A. - LONGHORN STEAKHOUSE

A luncheon on a hot spring day, during my short vacation to the state of Georgia last April 2016.  Yet, another flashback post. Enjoy my photos of the interior of the restaurant as well as the large size meal sets we ordered.

My Ratings:
Restaurant Concept = 9 of 10 
(American cuisine + Cowboys + Steak)
Menu Options = 9 of 10 
Food Serving Size = 8 of 10
Overall Food Taste  = 9 of 10
Restaurant Lay-Out and Interior Designing = 9 of 10
(every details seen was consistent to the "cowboy" concept)
Size of Restaurant = 9 of 10
Restaurant Lighting = 6 of 10 
(I dislike dim yellow lights, though I know this is the kind of lighting for most restaurants) 
Ambiance = 8 of 10 
Services of Staff = 8 of 10 
Money Value = 8 of 10
 (we were guests to this meal = free lunch!)

OVERALL RATING = 83% Recommended

LONGHORN STEAKHOUSE is located at 1420 Towne Lake Parkway, Woodstock, Georgia, 30189, U.S.A.

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