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What / Where I Ate in San Francisco, California, USA - GOTT'S ROADSIDE SOFT SERVE

After having lunch at Boudin, we headed over to Embarcadero  to check out a portion of one of the touristy spots of the San Francisco - the long stretch of Piers from 1, 1 1/2  - 45 and the Ferry Building is situated there too.

The San Francisco Ferry Building is a terminal for ferries that travel across the San Francisco Bay, a food hall[3] and an office building. It is located on The Embarcadero in San FranciscoCalifornia. - via wikipedia

From among the number of food stalls inside the Ferry Building, me and my officemate, Sheynne, opted to taste the soft serve ice cream of Gott's Roadside.

Gott's Roadside take-out counter for their delicious soft serve ice cream inside on the north side, across the hall from Out The Door. See map HERE.

You can have your ice cream either in cups or in cones.

Array of toppings to choose from.

My rating for the chocolate soft serve ice cream was 9 of 10.  The taste was typical chocolate, not too sweet.  But the texture of the ice cream was superb…
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What / Where I Ate in San Francisco, California, USA - BOUDIN BAKERY CAFE

They say when in San Francisco, a first time tourist must not miss to have a bite of the famous and original San Francisco sourdough at BOUDIN Bakery Cafe!

But first, let's get to know: What is a SOURDOUGH?

Upon stepping inside the bakery cafe, we were greeted with a melange of merchandise, food and non-food.  But the yummy treats on the bakery counter have initially caught my attention.  Aside from being hungry that time, I was wowed with the sight of everything-delicious pastries.  

And to our surprise, they have this conveyor, installed on the ceiling that transported metallic baskets of bread across the entire cafe / bakery / souvenir shop.

When in a new restaurant or cafe, ordering for food is not totally that arduous.  I guess I have said this in my other blog posts, that when dining first time in an eating establishment, it is a no-brainer to order for the BESTSELLER, the cream of the crop from the menu.

This is the BOUDIN CAFE ordering area.  From the recommended BEST OF BOUDIN…

What / Where I Ate in California - In and Out

"American food" is best represented by HAMBURGER, agree? This famous kind of sandwich which has a byname - BURGER is typically sold in fast-food restaurants, and even nowadays, high end restaurants are serving them too.

If you visit California, and you are a typical eater, i.e. you eat fast-foods too, dare not to forget to have a bite of California's pride, when it comes to burgers: 

Finally, finally, I was not just hearing how famous were these burgers at In-N-Out but then I had the greatest chance that moment to activate my being a food critic and to indulge in the lusciousness of this heaven-on-earth treat.

This particular branch of In-N-Out Burger was not spacious enough to accommodate hundreds on hungry eaters.  But since the restaurant is a fast-food, hence, the act of eating is expected to be in sort of a haste too.  You cannot afford to delay every chewing and swallowing and gulping moves as people were flocking every now and then.  But the experien…

What / Where I Ate in Anaheim, California, U.S.A. - McDonald's - part 2

On our fourth day in California, we went back again to Mickey-D's in Anaheim, which is situated a few blocks away from the Anaheim Convention Center, for our breakfast.
Day 3 of the EXPO

Though I have this stick-to-itivness attitude when it comes to liking foods in certain eateries, but that morning, I decided to try another kind (though still with Mexican taste) of breakfast meal - the McBURRITO Breakfast!

I went for iced coffee since I badly needed a large dose of caffeine to keep me up and alert that day.  What I loved in this meal was the mixed berry yogurt!  My food rating = 9 of 10!

See my previous McDonald's post HERE.

Photos taken using Samsung S Duos cellphone.

Travel and Eat good food, everyday!

What / Where I Ate in Buena Park, California, U.S.A. - Knott's Berry Farm Chicken-To-Go

The hotel that accommodated us on our stay in the Orange country of California was Knott's Berry Farm Hotel.  The hotel was just adjacent to the 12th most visited amusement park in Buena Park, which is the Knott's Berry Farm. 

Though we did stay at the park's hotel but we never had the time to have a peek of what's in store in the classic theme park.  We only strolled outside the premises and we grabbed our dinner one time at the Knott's Berry Farm CHICKEN TO-GO.
Since this is a take-away or to-go eatery, the menu options were expectedly minimal. 
The activities of the hardworking team of Chicken To-Go were very transparent which gave us, customers the confidence on the cleanliness and quality of their foods.
This man was responsible for the final checking and packing of orders.  And the lady beside him was in-charged of handing the orders to the respective customers.
And this was our dinner.  A meal that was good for two and shared for two.
We ordered the 2-PIECE MEAL, …

What / Where I Ate in Anaheim, California, U.S.A. - McDonald's

For our breakfasts in the next remaining days of the expo, we decided to head over to a more affordable breakfast house as we needed to stretch on our budget for food.  McDONALD'S was our ultimate choice.

DAY 2 of the Expo

I was hugely fired up with the thought of having the chance to eat McDonald's from its home court.  Of course, almost everyone knows that McDonald's originated in the United States of America and that morning was the best chance for me to finally taste the real deal.
By the way, have you seen The Founder movie released this year? It is a story about McDonald's, its origin and success through the years.  If you ask me, I have not seen the whole movie but have a number of sightings with the teaser  / promotional videos.

They have indicated stations at the counter for order and pick-up which gives organization within the customers in queue.

I never set expectations for the menu options, maybe because I anticipated that the offerings would definitely differ, …