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Another Pride of Cebu City, Philippines - CHOOBI CHOOBI

A unique name for a dining establishment is always something to be curious about.  CHOOBI CHOOBI? What does it mean? Who cares what it really means?  

I Do! 

I activated my research skills and headed on to the world wide web and gathered major facts about them from their official website.  And the number one question in my mind was directly answered by the first paragraph of their "About Us" page.
"Choobi Choobi is a family oriented casual dining restaurant. Despite it’s Korean sounding name, Choobi Choobi’s menu courses are mostly Filipino Comfort Food. Choobi Choobi is derived from a Fookien word which means “to enjoy” that’s how our tag line “Lingaw lingaw Kaon!” originated."

What amazes me more is that CHOOBI CHOOBI is a Cebuano's pride!  Having its first branch opened at the Park Mall in Mandaue City, Cebu on 2013; this true-blue "bisdak" restaurant has spread its wings in triumph and successfully branched out across the Visayas region and  have even…
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Tea and Coffee Brewer from THE BREW COMPANY QATAR

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Having keenly observed the hectic lifestyle of the current generations and responsive to the predicaments caused by such fast-paced life, THE BREW COMPANY have arrived to the most innovative and groundbreaking solution with the big "QC" in mind: "Q" for Quality and "C" for Convenience.

Out of desperation, arises a glorious ingenuity, as successfully experienced by the innovator and founder of GROWER'S CUP, Ulrik Skovgaard Rasmussen.  That infuriating and challenging situation which happened fifteen years ago have resulted to a marvelous product development revolution in the fi…

What / Where I Ate at The Outlet Shoppes in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. - LITTLE TOKYO and GHIRARDELLI

Shopping is always a fun form of recreation yet an exhausting activity too.  So after some turns and stops in the several shops at The Outlet Shoppes in Atlanta, meal time was next!  See more HERE to see the varied shopping destinations in Woodstock and Kennesaw cities in the state of Georgia, U.S.A., that includes The Outlet Shoppes.
Always search for the establishment's Directory to get a glimpse of the different shops and that includes also the listing of the food stalls.

The Outlet Shoppes in Atlanta is located at 915 Ridgewalk Pkwy, Woodstock, GA 30188.  Opens from 10AM - 9PM from Monday - Saturday and 11AM - 7PM on Sunday.

It was few minutes past lunch time, so we headed immediately to the food court to have  more options to choose from.  And guess what? An Asian will always be attracted to Asian foods!  I opted for LITTLE TOKYO.

After that satisfying Asian lunch, we went for something sweet and cold at GHIRARDELLI.  When I travelled to San Francisco, California few days prior t…

Something Filipino in Doha, Qatar - MAX'S RESTAURANT

A Filipino will always yearn and search for Filipino taste in food.  During my first few weeks in Doha, my desire to eat something Filipino was round-the-clock.  And when I was brought to one familiar Filipino restaurant, my wishes granted and my cravings ultimately satisfied. Hello, Max's Restaurant!
The first time we dined there was for a dinner meal.  And my heart was beating faster than its normal pacing since I was excited to taste Filipino foods from one of my favored chicken restaurants back home.  See photos below for the dishes we ordered for that one delightful dinner meal.
Combo Meal: Platter Meal

Food Details:  a quarter size of the  golden fried chicken; served with rice (can also be served with sweet potato fries), and complementary pancit canton and Max's caramel bar Food Taste Comment:  Somewhat a complete meal with loads of carbs and protein.  Always love the taste of the fried chicken and best paired with rice!  The taste of pancit canton was typical and the carame…
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