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CC Popcorn for a Premiere Night of Disney's & Pixar's COCO by Novo Cinemas at the Mall of Qatar

Wonder what CC Popcorn is? It is merely a subtle mix of two famous flavors from movie house popcorns: "Say, Cheese!" and "Hey, Caramel!"

Last night's happening have provided another set of my new "first" experiences here in Doha, and in my lifetime too.  Cheers to my ineffaceable accomplishments:
1.) It was my first time to attend an event as a blogger.  Though it was not the first invitation I received, the right timing made it as the first event that I have ever attended in my social media journey as someone who blogs about food, personal style, fashion styling and travel. 2.) It was my first time to watch a motion picture in the contemporary and hygienic-appealing, and indeed pretty neat, movie house at Novo Cinemas at the Mall of Qatar. 3.) It was the first ever, since my existence, movie premiere night that I have graced. 4.) And yes, my first time to taste the POPCORNS from the concessionaire of Novo Cinemas at the Mall of Qatar.

Popcorns are commonly…
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Cafe Chronicles: CHARLIE BROWN CAFE in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

I have always been in the hunt for themed cafes, most especially when I travel out of my country.  Winter time early this year, 2017, I had the optimal odds to proceed on the search for uniquely conceptualized cafes in Hong Kong.  First stop: CHARLIE BROWN CAFE

I am not a fan of Snoopy and the Peanuts gang but the thought of zoning into a playful childish realm with all things cartoonish makes my heart fluster and ignites an excitement of rekindling with my younger self.  Since my visit to the Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine and the Snoopy's World on September 2015 in Hong Kong, you can see my blog post HERE and HERE, I have been itching to explore other spots in Hong Kong where I can get to mingle with the latter fictional character.  After thorough research on the internet, I enlisted CHARLIE BROWN CAFE in our itinerary for our winter 2017 vacation to Hong Kong.
Fast Fact on Charlie Brown via the Wikipedia:

Charlie Brown is the central protagonist of the long-running comic stripPeanuts

What / Where I Ate in Woodstock, Georgia, U.S.A. - LONGHORN STEAKHOUSE

A luncheon on a hot spring day, during my short vacation to the state of Georgia last April 2016.  Yet, another flashback post. Enjoy my photos of the interior of the restaurant as well as the large size meal sets we ordered.
My Ratings: Restaurant Concept = 9 of 10  (American cuisine + Cowboys + Steak) Menu Options = 9 of 10  Food Serving Size = 8 of 10 Overall Food Taste  = 9 of 10 Restaurant Lay-Out and Interior Designing = 9 of 10 (every details seen was consistent to the "cowboy" concept) Size of Restaurant = 9 of 10
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