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JAMIE'S ITALIAN at Doha Festival City in Qatar | Jamie Oliver Restaurant...

Who doesn't love Italian cuisine?

ME? I really love it more now after having tasted the sumptuous dishes a restaurant named after its owner, the renowned chef and restaurateur , Jamie Oliver! And the name of his restaurant is Jamie's Italian.

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Lebanese Cuisine for the First Time in Doha, Qatar - ASSAHA LEBANESE CULTURAL VILLAGE

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Something Korean + Japanese in Doha, Qatar - LITTLE YEE HWA RESTAURANT

Hey there little sister of Yee Hwa Restaurant! I have been seeing constantly this restaurant across social media from Instagram to Facebook and it tickled my curiosity.  Why is this restaurant utterly famous among Filipinos? Maybe because the cuisine is Korean? In fact, Filipinos have been into the Korean craze (South Korea in exact) for quite some time now and this restaurant might be the quick fix to those cravings for Korean foods!.  Thanks to K-Pop and K-dramas as these have propelled us to get hooked on their interestingly sumptuous dishes! This restaurant located along the food strip in Al Jazeera Street, Fereej Bin Mahmoud, Doha, Qatar is called LITTLE YEE HWA.  They added the word "little" since this restaurant is the sibling of the forerunning restaurant Yee Hwa Restaurant which is located in Al Nasr, Doha, Qatar. This is a fusion restaurant.  An intermingling of Korean and Japanese cuisines, in general.  Though I have seen in their menu that they also have a dish from…

Cafe Chronicles: JAVA U CAFE in Doha, Qatar

Here's a video blog review for JAVA U Cafe located at Al Sadd, Doha, Qatar. (Erratum: it is not Al Nasr branch, but Al Sadd.)

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Eat good food, every day!

SOHO PARK at IT Park in Cebu City, Philippines

The discovery of this relatively new restaurant at IT Park in Lahug, Cebu City was unintentional.  We were just standing by an opposite block right in front of Jollibee and with eyes busy roaming for great finds to feed famished stomachs, then, there I saw SOHO PARK!
This foodie journey is still part of my 45-day vacation in my home city of Cebu last third quarter of 2017.  It was August 1, 2017 in exact when we visited and decided to try having dinner there since by the looks of it (through their floor-to-ceiling clear glass walls), the restaurant looked pretty neat and I presumed they serve great food!   After having selected our seats, a nook at an end corner of the restaurant, I asked the wait staff if how old the restaurant was?  And I was right, it was new! It was just two-days old at that time of our visit since they had their soft opening on the 31st of July!  Oh, that got me sooo thrilled since I was at the haunt for something new (eating establishments) in my hometown! By scrut…
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