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What / Where I Ate: Tokyo Table

Celebrated my mom's pre-birthday lunch here at Tokyo Table.  We attempted several times to dine in this Japanese buffet restaurant but we were unsuccessful for reasons such as:  we are usually a walk-in type of customers (not fond of reservations) and the usual time that we arrive in restaurants is just-in-time for normal chow time.  It was only last March (another delayed post) that we finally had the chance to step inside Tokyo Table and enjoyed everything that was served unlimited.  How we managed to sneak-in this time? We made reservations 3 hours ahead noontime.

If not for my forever travel buddy, I would not be appreciating Japanese foods, most especially SASHIMI.  I love SALMON SASHIMI, it always tastes like heaven in every bite of the raw slices (if heaven has a taste).  I am also loving EBI TEMPURA and MISO SOUP as previously (as in long time ago)  introduced to me by my sister.

 My overall rating (considering the ambiance, the service of the staff, the price per head and o…

Enjoy Coca-Cola!

"Enjoy Coca Cola!"
and Open Happiness

To start with, this is not a sponsored post, nor I am promoting Coca-Cola.  It just so happened that I have purchased this sort-of advertising top and also was able to purchase for the first time these new flavors of the most popular brand of soda drink: Coca-Cola in cherry flavored and caffeine-free variants.

 In this scorching hot weather, Coca-Cola soda drink sure quenches the thirst for anything liquid.  And me, I am definitely enjoying my Coca-Cola!

If you asked where I bought my canned Coca-Cola? at SHOPWISE grocery located at N. Bacalso Avenue, Basak, Mambaling, Cebu City.

What I Wore: black top with butterfly mesh sleeve - Cyecle stretch pedal pushers - gifted by my sister white flats - G.Grand Mall Lapu-Lapu City sunglasses - G. Fiesta Mall
Live in style, everyday!

Cafe Chronicles: Cafe Tiala

I've researched another Cafe within Cebu City and ended up this cutesy, girlish Korean-inspired cafe located at a building that is adjacent to the Grand Convention Center in Archbishop Reyes Avenue.
Second Stop: C A F E    T I A L A
Complementary sandwich and hot tea.
Cute menu set that comes in a box.
Of course, we ordered Korean spicy noodles and rice which was presented in a heart shape, another cutesy presentation.
Fish cakes, so rich in flavor, that's why we ordered rice.
I promised myself (almost like a vow, lol) that every time I visit a cafe for the first time, I have to order my favorite caffeinated Java or chocolate chip frappe.  Good that Cafe Tiala has their rendition of Java chip frappe.  It's presentation perfectly matches for a princess, a frappe coffee in a goblet.
The mini cabin-like divisions of the cafe, which they call Princess Room.  Looks like extra large doll houses for princesses.
A facial expression for blank thoughts. Anyway, I knew, because it was schedul…

i Travel - Jakarta, Indonesia

Snapshots from my business trip in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Hope you enjoyed my photos.  You can see more of Jakarta from my other blog, HERE.

Cafe Chronicles: Coffee Prince

I have been attracted to the thought of visiting Korean-themed, or any themed, cafes within the metro.  Social networking sites have been flooded with photos and stories of the different cafes that have sprouted randomly in the city.  And guess what?, these cafes are worth-bragging and seemingly awesome with not just about how they beautify their  interiors, or how they materialized their concepts, but it is also more on the delectable good eats they offer that makes all these cafes ultimately interesting.  Hence, I started my own cafe-hopping adventures.  This write-up would commence my series of postings about the cafes that I have visited and the foods / drinks that I have tasted from their enticing menus. I am calling this series: CAFE CHRONICLES

First stop:
C O F F E E   P R I N C E
The name of the cafe is indeed inspired by the 2007 South Korean television drama series "Coffee Prince" starring Yoon Eun-Hye and Gong Yoo.

Coffee Prince is located at Capitol Site right across…
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