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What / Where I Ate - CNT Lechon (Take-Out)

CNT Lechon - one of the best lechon in the city of Cebu.

This particular branch of CNT LechonRestaurant is located at the Reclamation Area, in front of SM City Cebu. 
Eat good food, everyday!

Food Review: Kinder Bueno Milk Chocolate Coated Wafer

I am very much excited to share one of my favorite wafer chocolate coated snack, familiar with KINDER BUENO?
Kinder Bueno(kinder is German for "children", bueno is Spanish for "good" or "tasty") is a chocolate bar made by Italian confectionery makerFerrero. Kinder Bueno, part of the Kinder Chocolate brand line, is a hazelnut cream filled wafer with a chocolate covering. 
Kinder Bueno was first marketed in Italy and Germany in 1990. It became available in BrazilArgentinaColombiaFrancePuerto RicoMexicoMalaysia, the NetherlandsPortugalSingaporeIsrael and Greece in the mid-1990s, inSpainGibraltar starting in 1999, and has been common in BulgariaCanada,AustraliaBosnia and HerzegovinaSerbiaNew Zealand and the United Kingdom

What / Where I Ate - 10 Dove Street

This post is my 100th post for this blog!  Just in time that the restaurant that I am featuring in this post for today starts with a number - 10 DOVE STREET.

10 Dove Street is a restaurant that I found perfect for a quite romantic day date.  My forever food buddy and I decided to have early dinner some few months ago.

Menu photo borrowed from HERE.
My forever food buddy's choice of meal was the 10 DOVE STREET EXPERIENCE. A soup + salad + sandwich + dessert meal costs Php 275.00
- Crab and Corn Bisque -

- Mandarin Tango Salad -

- Wild Turkey Sandwich - 

- Avocado Pandan Cake -

My choice of meal was the KITCHEN FAVORITES.
A soup + entree + dessert meal costs Php 295.00

- Broccoli and Cheese Soup -

( my forever food buddy poured on top of the soup with lots of black pepper powder )

- Country Style Roast Pork - 

- Chocolate Decadence Cake - 

Our choice of DRINKS: Coffee Americano for my forever food buddy and mine was a soda.

My overall rating for the restau

What / Where I Ate - Boosog - Revisited

BOOSOG the umpteenth time around.

Boosog Restaurant is a homegrown Cebuano restaurant specializing in authentic Filipino and lutong bahay dishes at unbeatable prices.

UTAN BISAYA PLAIN This vegetable soup, which is truly Filipino and Visayan, is my parents' favorite.  So, everytime we dine in a Filipino restaurant and this kind of recipe is offered in the menu, this is always the default choice of soup 
My rating for Boosog's Utan Bisaya Plain (they call this plain since they also offered ginataan -with coconut milk) is 9 of 10.
BAKED SCALLOPS This dish is one of my all-time favorite, any restaurants where I will be dining. My rating for Boosog's Baked Scallop is 10 of 10.
PANCIT GUISADO Another favorite dish of my parents', most especially my dad, is the pancit - any kind of cooking, as long as the main ingredient is pancit, they will love it. My rating is 9 of 10 - the taste is absolutely our type - not salty and not bland too.
It's more of veggies than meat, s…

What / Where I Ate - Crazy Crab

Going crazy with crabs - and prawns too - at CRAZY CRAB!

The restaurant was not roomy and not well-lighted, but it was already peopled when we entered- mostly Koreans.  With that observation, it meant that the eating place was worth a try.

The live crabs that were place inside a small aquarium near the entrance of the restaurant.

The foods that we ordered as captured below:

I am basically allergic to foods rich in histamines and the number 1 food to avoid is crab.
 Though I have eaten crabs before, which always gives me itch (even with small bites, and when I risked more, rashes, stomach pains and difficulty in breathing were experienced);  I always allow myself to take risks some times.  And that day when we entered Crazy Crab restaurant was one of those challenging days I had to face.
As foodie warriors, we need eating utensils to feed the hungry stomach.  These were the eating "props" that were served to successfully…
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