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Cafe Chronicles: Bo's Coffee

From among the array of local coffee shops in the Philippines, Bo's Coffee comes first in my list.

This particular branch of the coffee shop is in Star Mall Minglanilla, Cebu.  The place is indeed cozy, perfect for chitchat with bff's, browsing the world wide web (as wifi connection is available), reading your favorite Nicholas Sparks novel and coffee date with your "partner-in-crime".
Hot latte and my all-time favorite CHOCOLATE CHIP froccino.  I have never tasted other flavors of their frappes, only Chocolate Chip, I am simply loyal (very seldom being experimental), like that.
I tasted their brownies too.

This is what I wore on our coffee date at Bo's Coffee on a weekend, see HERE for more of it.
Is Bo's Coffee, your favorite too?  Share your stories.

Let's drink coffee, and Live in style, everyday!

What / Where I Ate - Santa Fe Steak House @ Bangkok

This is still Day 2 of our October 2014 Bangkok trip.
After the meet and greet with Weir Sukollawat Kanaros at Don Mueang International Airport, we headed back to Siam area to have our lunch.  On our search, we ended up dining at SANTA FE STEAK HOUSE.

Since we were starving in search of my preferred restaurant, we decided to order for the combo meals from their menu.  The combo included a soup, a salad, the main course and a drink.
the Spinach soup - rating: 10/10  Unbelievably delectable.  It was my first time to taste spinach in a soup and it made me believed and realized why Popeye loved this vegetable.
the green salad - rating: 8/10

I forgot if this was pork or chicken, but this was my main course.  No rice this time, just mashed potato for my carbohydrates supply. Rating: 8/10

This was what my forever travel buddy ordered and he rated his main course with 9 of 10.
Seeing this receipt, our luncheon was a well-spent Baht. Overall rating was 8 of 10, the food was a-ok, as well as the ambian…

What / Where I Ate in Bangkok, Thailand - MISTER DONUT

I have always been talking volubly and persistently about how tasty and perfectly delectable MISTER DONUT is from Bangkok, Thailand.  You can visit my January 2014 Bangkok travel post here and another post from my other blog hereto know more about my mumbo jumbo over these doughnuts.

Finally, I have the best chance now to dedicate a post for MISTER DONUT in Bangkok, Thailand.  This particular kiosk of Mister Donut is located at the lower ground floor of Terminal 21 mall.

This was the box of donuts that we took away and brought back to Wendy Guest House for late night snacks.
Be sure to have a taste of MISTER DONUT on your next visit / vacation in Bangkok, Thailand.  I am oh so sure that you will never regret on your first bite of the doughnuts and you might give me two-thumbs up for my recommendation.
Travel, Eat good food and Live in style, everyday!

What / Where I Ate - Circa 1900

It was beautiful rain-free night, perfect for romantic dates.  It was actually Valentine's Day.  We, with my parents, decided to have our Valentine's Day dinner date at Circa 1900. 

As usual, we did not make a reservation.  A lot of people did celebrate the heart's day at the restaurant. Lucky us,  there was still a table for four available.

We had our dinner at the ground floor of the house, because the second floor was basically for those who made reservations.  We can actually see the chefs preparing the food. 

My overall rating for the restaurant is 6 because  of the place, primarily. The ambiance is so homey and brings you back indeed to circa 1900.  The food, though, is not as delectable and palatable as I expected it to be.

CIRCA 1900 is located at Sanjercas Ville, Ext. Road, Cebu City.

Eat good food and Live in style, everyday!

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