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What/Where I Ate - Fast-food Chains in Thailand

During our travel in Thailand a week ago, my good friend and I and who happens to be my best bud at work opted for the more familiar fast-food chains to feed us.  We did bravely try authentic Thai foods but they were not that gastronomically acceptable.
I am not an avid fan of McDonald's but it's way better than eating unfamiliar foods with exotic tastes. Like in other countries, rice is not a staple food in the McDonald meals. So I ordered this Pork Burger meal with french fries and soda for 103 baht (Php 140++) Amazing since I paid for a regular meal and the fries and drinks were large.  But when you order for Go Large, they will give super XL fries and drinks that may be good for two or three pax.

Another familiar fast-food is KFC! Yehey!  Finally there was a meal with rice.  
BUT, a BIG BUT... the chicken looks yummy but tasted yucky?? :-(
The one in the cup is a tuna salad, quite ok.  Not to mention the rice, superb.
The soda is ice-filled but the CO2 can still be tasted, burp b…
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