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What / Where I Ate - Hukad sa Golden Cowrie

Filipino dishes are one of my favorite foods, primarily because I was born and raised as a Filipino and my taste buds are accustomed to almost all kinds Filipino foods from the Central Visayas area.

Can you guess the name of the restaurant just by looking at their logo?

We dined at HUKAD sa Golden Cowrie!   See the photogenic Filipino dishes I captured during our weekend family eat out at the restaurant.
Different angles of the sumptuous soup - MONGOS.
 My rating for the vegetable soup = 8 of 10.
 Sizzling SMALL BANGUS was spectacularly delish.  I love fish and I heartily loved that smoke/grilled type of cooking.  My rating for this dish = 10 of 10
The COWRIE PINAKBET was edibly awesome!  Obviously, my rating is 10 of 10.
Another soup, this one is my all-time favorite soup - SINIGANG BABOY = 10 of 10.
GRILLED PORK BELLY rating is 8 of 10.  I love grilled, but the taste is close to the usual, nothing special.
PANCIT GUISADO - this is my parents' favorite.  My rating is 8 of 10.
You may wonder…

Food Discovery & Review: Spicy Choco Crackers

This particular post is the get-go of my series of posts entitled FOOD DISCOVERY AND REVIEW. 
The series will substantially discuss  food discoveries I made from around the planet and my candid reviews with each discovery.
First discovery is the SPICY CHOCO CRACKERS from Leona Cakes and Pastries bakeshop.  What made me turn my head and picked this new snack (new to me since it was the first time I saw it from their racks) and actually paid to the cash register, was the NAME of the food itself.  Simple name indeed, yet brilliant.  The name is a basic description of what the product is and what we can highly expect from it.
With the use of my senses, here's my evaluation:
Color - brown, and matches with its name - Choco

Odor - scent of chocolate surfaces with a whiff of a spice

Texture (Feel on Hands & Mouth) - thin-skinned crackers and truly crispy

Taste - the most important aspect, the mix is quite uniquely blended which was a total surprise.  Expected to be Spicy - check (tolerable …

Cafe Chronicles: Tazza Cafe and Patissiere

Another discovery I made together with my forever food buddy - a creatively concocted cafe in the city!  
The quote on the wall greets you upon entry to the cafe, plus the photos of the scrumptious dishes.

 This artsy, comic-inspired interior is the reason of this cafe trip.  I was scrolling over at Instragram and saw this saturated illustration.  I asked the owner of the photo (who also happened to be a blogger from Cebu) and she politely disclosed to me the location - TAZZA CAFE AND PATISSIERE.
 A hot tea, a salad, and a dessert was our choice of food to fill the not-so-hungry stomach.

The cafe is indeed one good place to unwind after a whole day of sedentary work at the office.
Felt so elated upon ogling at these saccharine treats!
 Caffeine, keeps me going.  Does it work for you too? (I think it does yo all!)
 I am recommending this brownie ice-cream cake, to those who love the surprise brought about by a "Lava" cake, this may be the one you have been looking for!  What I love…

What / Where I Ate in Hong Kong - The Spaghetti House

Few years back, during a family vacation in Hong Kong, we attempted to have lunch at this pasta house, but did not pursue. Finally, I have the chance to dine at The Spaghetti House during a business trip in Hong Kong.
I am to begin this post with my overall rating of the restaurant: 8 of 10. The ambiance is A-Ok, the services of the staff were good as well, the food (presentation, serving, taste) was not a problem at all.  But I think, the 2 missed points are due to the pricing of the dishes.  
Below are photos of the foods that we ordered.  But unfortunately I was not able to take down the correct names of these dishes.  ('Was to hungry to take snapshots and taste everything that was served on the table).
- Salad -
- Soup with bread -
The Spaghetti House is a relatively old restaurant which initially opened in the late 1970's - 1979 in exact, by an Australian and British individuals.
- A seafood fettuccine -
- another pasta -
- a glass of iced Coca-Cola was our choice of beverage -


Cafe Chronicles: A Cat Cafe in Hong Kong - Cafe de Kitten

Let the photos tell my experience in one of the cat cafes in Hong Kong. 
A visit to the cat cafe was an unexpected discovery in the midst of the busy shopping district and an unplanned activity from the travel itinerary, and when closing time was already knocking on the door.

- photos taken using Samsung S3 phone -
CAFE de KITTEN is located at 7th Floor, Room 701 , Mong Kok, Western cuisine South Street 1A Babolat Lee Commercial Centre , Hong Kong Opens 1:00pm - 12:00 am

Travel and enjoy cats, and eat, good food, everyday!
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