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Something Japanese: Reddo Ramen Restaurant

Let's eat ramen at REDDO Ramen!

Japanese food is never always about sushi and sashimi, well, these are actually my favorites, but, remember there's ramen too?  

We were at City Time Square and we decided to dine something Japanese for lunch, that's when we discovered REDDO RAMEN RESTAURANT.

This was how AKA KARA RAMEN looked like when served, does not appeal deletable, see the photo above
 A bowl costs Php 290.00  It was the spicy ramen in the menu, see the red cluster of soft powder, that's the chili! 

After mixing the ramen, this was how it looked like.   Appears like a ramen this time. The AKA KARA RAMEN is a ramen in pork bone broth topped with spicy sauce, slices of homemade chasyu, bean sprouts, fungus and spring onions.
My rating for this ramen is 6 of 10. 
 The serving size was actually good for two, it stood up to its claim being spice, very spicy according to my taste bud judgment but it tasted somewhat bland.

For our choice of salad, we opted to try the TOFU SALAD.  One plate costs Php 180.00

I was amazed as to how the salad tasted - the tofu was perfectly soft, the veggies were fresh. The overall taste of the salad was scrumptious that I am giving it a 10 of 10 rating.

Rice is also a staple food in every Japanese meal.  This is ONIGIRI - translated in English as rice balls.  Actually it was just a bowl of steamed rice (japanese grains are superb) with black seeds.  Rating for Japanese rice is always a 10 of 10 too.  

JAPANESE GYOZA is always now a favorite of mine. 5 pcs of gyoza in one serving costs Php 150.00

Sadly, my rating for the Japanese Gyoza is 5 of 10.  It was not as sumptuous as compared to the other Gyozas I have tasted.  The filling lack that zesty savor.

My forever food buddy and I are always in a yin and yang situation when it comes to our choice of drinks. He was most of the time opting for something warm / hot - like this HOT GREEN TEA.  Whereas I ordered for the MUGI-CHA - translated in English as Unsweetened Roasted Barley.  (f.y.i. I am sometimes experimental when it comes to drinks - non-alcoholic ones of course).

 The HOT GREEN TEA was unlimited and it only costs Php 50.00,  my rating for this is 8 of 10.

The MUGI-CHA was served one time and costs also Ph p50.00, my rating is 6 of 10.  I am definitely not so into barley.

This sizzling dish which appeared like "pancit" / noddles is called BUTA KIMCHI, which costs Php 180.00

At the center wass cracked egg which needed mixing in the entire dish.  BUTA KIMCHI is a stir-fried pork kimchi.  The serving was actually good for three persons.  My personal rating is very low but honest.  I am giving it a 3 of 10 since the veggies tasted really bitter during chewing and swallowing.

My overall rating - food + ambiance + services = 7 of 10.

City Time Square, Unit SF 203, Mantawi Avenue, Brgy. Tipolo, North Reclamation Area, Mandaue City, Cebu
Contact No.:

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