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Bangkok Diary 10-2014: Day 1

Tonight is a very exciting and elating time for me since I am beginning to share my travel stories from my favorite place - Bangkok - last October 2014.  My apologies that it took me this long to share about this trip.  I have been occupied with a lot of stuff that needed more prioritization.  Anyway, this post is Day 1 of our trip.  Hang on and stay in touch as I keep you posted with my last year's R&R in Bangkok, Thailand.
DAY 1 

It was October 9, 2014 and me and my forever travel buddy arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport at around 10:00 am.  I felt a shiver travelled up my spine upon stepping foot on the airport, because I knew, that few more foot steps, I will get to see my most favored place and can breathe Bangkok air again. I honestly was (and still) excited about this trip; and even at this very moment, while I am encoding every letter for this post, I am slowly reviving the euphoria and reminiscing the nitty-gritty of my vacation.

After exiting the airport, we headed to the …

What / Where I Ate - The Classroom

The family was up to another "food adventure".  This time, somewhere in Mandaue City, as we were from Park Mall doing some groceries. It was meal time and it was expected that all eateries (restaurant, fast-food chains, food kiosks) were jam-packed with growling stomachs.  Our option was to cross the street from Park Mall to the neighboring arcade-type of establishment, collectively called as City Time Square. 

 From among the line-up of restaurants, we decided to give THE CLASSROOM a try. We ordered one of their BOODLE sets.
Our choice of boodle set is filled with anything Filipino.  The dishes and presentation were  so Filipino as the foods were served on layers of smoked banana leaf.
The appetizers were undoubtedly irresistible.  Definitely, a scoop of rice is not enough with these salty and sour starters.
 The soup is another "Tatak-pinoy" or more appropriately "Tatak-Cebuano" as this is called as UTAN BISAYA.  This kind of vegetable soup is my parents'…

What / Where I Ate - Ice Giants

Snacking at ICE GIANTS, at City Time Square with my family one Saturday afternoon.

We needed something to cool us down from the 3 o' clock heat and ICE GIANTS was the best option.

The place is vibrantly and optically saturated with all the colors of the rainbow.  And pictures of gigantic cold sweet treats filled the walls of all corners of the place which makes the customers delighted and uber-eager to plunge into their goodies.

BUKO PANDAN SUNDAE = Php 118.00 My personal rating:  7 of 10

PLATTER FRIES = Php 195.00  ( can be shared by four in less than 5 minutes though) My personal rating: 7 of 10
My personal rating for each: 8 of 10

Eat good food and Live in style, everyday!

What / Where I Ate - The Buzz Cafe

During our trip to Bohol last April, we have the chance to visit the province's only city, Tagbilaran City.  It is a one-hour travel ride from my parents' town if transporting with a private vehicle but via buses, it usually takes about 30 minutes more.

Bohol is the home of beautiful beaches especially located on the island named Panglao, and which can be traveled around 20 minutes from Tagbilaran City.  Among the numerous resorts in Panglao there is this nature-inspired resort, one of its kind, the Bohol Bee Farm in Dao, Dauis Panglao Island.  This resort offers anything natural and organic even with the array of food choices in the menu of the resort's restaurant.

Bohol Bee Farm extended its organic, healthy concept in the city by putting up a restaurant in one of the malls in Tagbilaran.
The Buzz Cafe is situated on the upper ground level of the Island City Mall.

The restaurant offer a menu for the health and wellness buff and for those who crave for anything organic and na…
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