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What / Where I Ate: La Gondola - Gourmet Walk Waterfront Hotel Cebu

It was again October.  That would mean, we were to celebrate my parents' wedding anniversary again.  Thank God we have the wonderful chance to celebrate together my parents' love story.
We normally have the celebration in our house where we get to invite our relatives.  But this time we opted for a sumptuous luncheon with only us ( parents and the children) and headed to LA GONDOLA for a taste of something Mediterranean.

LA GONDOLA is located at the Gourmet Walk of Waterfront Hotel - Cebu City
LA GONDOLA offers a bona fide Italian dining experience from antipasti to dessert.

 SHAVED VEGETABLE SALAD -  a mix of raw veggies and fresh herbs and raw f-l-o-w-e-r-s!

And here's the signature Italian foods that we ordered.  3 kinds of pasta and a pan pizza. CARBONARA SPAGHETTI - my sister's all-time favorite pasta
SPAGHETTI BOLOGNESE in red meat sauce.
And one of LA GONDOLA's highlights is the magnificent, piping hot pizzas served straight from its wooden brick oven.  My family…

What / Where I Ate - Kuya J

It has been awhile since I last posted on the places we dined and the foods we ate on that restaurant or fast-food chain and I am reviving it now.
There's this seemingly 'new' restaurant at SM that serves Filipino food located opposite to Starbucks and Krispy Kreme.  
Heard of KUYA J?

 Now, let's proceed to what we ate:
- the appetizers- CRISPY KANGKONG  The looks are a-ok, but the taste:  I'm giving it 4 out of 10.
BAKED SCALLOPS Rating: 6  (the garlic and butter was not well-blended)
- the soup - SINIGANG NA BABOY Rating: 8
- the main dishes - Since June of this year, I have indulged myself into a new diet system (which I am currently not being religious to it) which involved only eating high-protein foods, no sugar, no carbo and a diet rich in veggies; hence, we ordered two sets of veggie dishes.
PINAKBET (on top) and CHOPSUEY (below) Rating for the veggies: 8
and my all-time favorite drink: RIPE MANGO SHAKE (more ice), and I'm giving it a perfect 10
Do op…

A Visit to Davao

Please bear with me in this another long-overdue posting.  A day after Christmas, we headed to Davao to visit relatives.  This has been an annual activity for the past three years and counting.  Just want to share to you the places I've been in Davao.  It is a peaceful place to be.

First time in SM Lanang Premier in Davao, and first time to dine in SUMOSAM.

at the People's Park
After our first try in LEGASPI SUITES, we promised ourselves to stay only in this hotel  every time we visit the city.
My breakfast at Legaspi Suites

What I Wore in Davao: Although it was December, but we never had cold day temperatures on this month.  So my outfit, looks like it was summer time.  My cap is on, strutted those scallop shorts, fitted print tee, and a sweater on the waist for a semi-grunge feel.  Don my pink flats ready for comfy walks.

Happy Sunday to all!

What / Where I Ate - Eating My Favorites

I could remember I have these series of posts of the foods I ate at restaurants and fast food chains.  And I am bringing it back on again as the 2014 has just kicked off.
I visited these shops straight in a day. 7-Eleven Convenience Store sprung up like mongo sprouts.  Downtown, uptown, 7-Eleven is existing anywhere. While waiting for my shopping buddy, I read  my photography magazine (hoping to learn the basics - which I should have learned long long time ago) which I brought along.  I bought my favorite pretzel choco-almond coated sticks - PEPERO, sipped some NESTLE mango yogurt drink and NATURE's SPRING alkaline water. By lunch time we decided to drop by BTC and opted for Dimsum Break to fill in our growling tummies. One of the best goodies in Dimsum Break (or at Harbour Dimsum or Ding Qua Qua) is their SIAOMAI. Together with my Siaomai is the Spicy Steamed Rice.  I'm so glad that the spicy variant is back!
We went to SM after lunch.  And lately I'm loving these belgian waffle…
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