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What / Where I Ate in Buena Park, California, U.S.A - ASIA BUFFET

Having indulged myself in becoming a person who do food reviews and restaurant ratings, I always ensure that during my trips anywhere on Earth, I must do a blog post of the eateries I have been into and the foods I have eaten.
Several months ago, I have the chance to travel to the United States America.  This post will be the first among the series of my food trips in the several cities, counties, and states of the country.

We arrived at the Los Angeles Airport few hours before lunchtime hits.  After checking in at the Knott's Berry Farm Hotel in Buena Park City, Orange County, California, we immediately googled in for a restaurant nearby.

Very fortunate for us to have discovered an Asian restaurant!  The name of the restaurant is ASIA BUFFET.  The name is utterly straightforward and simple that you need not ask further as to what this restaurant offers.
The photo above summarizes all the details for customers F.Y.I.

ASIA BUFFET is an all-day long, family-friendly spot for all-you-can-…

Something Chinese in Cebu City, Philippines: MAJESTIC

I  have learned to love Chinese cuisine since my elementary years with noodles, siomai and dimsum in the top 3 list.  And it was too late for us to dine in one of the Chinese restaurants in the city, with its first branch at Ayala Center Cebu, which has been known for its delectable and affordable Chinese dishes.   Have you been to MAJESTIC Restaurant?

With its opening at SM Seaside City, we were now given the best chance to have a taste of something MAJESTIC.
Let's now see the foods that we ordered.   One best way to make most of your spending for a restaurant meal is to always ask for the best sellers, especially if it is your first time to dine with their restaurant.
For the soup, one of the restaurant's best seller is BIRD'S NEST WITH QUAIL EGG SOUP - Php 165.00. Food Taste + Serving Size + Price Rating = 9 of 10
STEAMED WHITE RICE is always a staple food in every Filipino meal.
Price for one serving of rice white rice is PhP 60.00 (quite pricey, can the price of rice in resta…

What / Where I Ate in Cebu City, Philippines - THE SUITE ROOM

Valentine's Day is finally here and one of the restaurants in Cebu which may be perfect for a heart's day date is THE SUITE ROOMby Casa Verde.

Salad:  SUMMER SALAD - PhP 238.00
Main Course 1: PAN-FRIED SALMON WITH RISOTTO - PhP 378.00 

Drinks: (another yin and yang choices) SPECIAL GREEN TEA (CUCUMBER GREEN ICED TEA) for her - PhP 115.00 HOT TEA (GREEN TEA) for him - PhP 78.00
----- 000 ----
My ratings: Restaurant Concept = 8 of 10 Menu Options  = 8 of 10 Food Serving Size = 8 of 10 Food Taste = 8 of 10 Restaurant Lay-Out and Interior Designing = 8 of 10 Restaurant Lighting = 8 of 10 Ambiance = 8 of 10 Services of Staff = 9 of 10 Money Value = 8 of 10

OVERALL RATING = 81% Recommended 

Food Review: Oishi Popcorns

Popcorns are irresistibly enjoyable snacks to nibble.

These are popcorns from the brand OISHI, made from the Philippines by the company Liwayway Holdings Company Limited.

The CARAMEL and CHEESE combination is the newest flavor introduction and I can say that they did an amazing leap to this combination.  It is indeed tasty where in saltiness and sweetness comes at a balance.

The CARAMEL flavor is the original popcorn flavor the food manufacturing company has produced and I have loved it since the first time I have tasted this popcorn flavor.  But they gave a new look to their packaging design probably later part of 2016.

Though I love CHOCOLATE flavor, but this popcorn flavor from Oishi does not totally meet my "standards" for something chocolaty.   There is always too much room for improvement.
Among the three flavors, my first in rank is the Caramel, second is Caramel and Cheese and the third but not the least is the Chocolate.

I hope in the future, OISHI will extend their popco…
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