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What / Where I Ate: Pizza Hut

When you say pizza dining, my mom's first option is Pizza Hut.

My overall rating: food + ambiance + services + value for money = 8 of 10 ,because of the food.

This particular branch of PIZZA HUT is located at SM City Cebu

Photos taken using iPhone 4s
Eat good food everyday!

What / Where I Ate: Rex's Kandingan Sa SRP

Kandingan sa SRP

REX'S KANDINGAN SA SRP is located at Cansonjong  Cebu South Coastal Road,  few blocks after Gaisano Capital SRP.

My overall rating:
food + ambiance (alfresco dining) + services + value for money = 6.8 of 10.  

Photos taken using Samsung S Duos phone.

Eat good food everyday!

What / Where I Ate - Dinner at Cafe Laguna

And now it's dinner time at Cafe Laguna!

CAFE LAGUNA is truly a pride for Cebuanos as it was officially opened here in Cebu and based in Cebu City on the year 1991.  See more HERE for the amazing history and inspiring success story of the restaurant.

As the restaurant serves authentic and sumptuous Filipino dishes, it becomes the no-brainer option for the family when we crave for Filipino cuisine.  Having branches inside big mall in Cebu City, is a bonus especially for us who frequents in SM or Ayala Malls.
The Crispy Kangkong becomes a staple when dining in Cafe Laguna.  What keeps me coming back to the restaurant and keeps me ordering the same dish is of course the TASTE!  It is exceptionally delectable.
Steamed vegetables with a signature Filipino condiment perfect for dipping is a favorite vegetable salad of my parents.
My dad's personal favorite dish: Pancit Canton
Filipino's staple food: Steamed white rice!

My parents' love seafoods, especially fish, and they ordered th…

What / Where I Ate - Merienda at Laguna Garden Cafe

One of the restaurants that my parents and I love to have our merienda (snacks) is Laguna Garden Cafe.

We love snacking at Laguna Garden Cafe because they served Filipino merienda foods all day that deserves flashing those thumbs-up.

The puto (sticky rice) + mangga (ripe mango fruit) + tsokolate (chocolate drink) is usually a staple combination for breakfast but at Cafe Laguna you can always order and it eat anytime of the day.

F.Y.I. What is Merienda? Merienda is a light meal in Southern Europe, particularly Spain, Portugal, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, as well as Hispanic America and the Philippines.Wikipedia

My favorite snack, and I even order it sometimes for dinner or lunch, is the DINUGUAN AT PUTO.  My rating for this food combo is a perfect 10!   I love the consistency and especially the taste of their DINUGUAN.  We always tend to order additional PUTO PUTI because of the deletable taste of the dinuguan.

To complete the Filipino merianda, I ordered for GUINUMIS to quench my thirst.

My o…

What / Where I Ate - Lunch at Cafe Laguna

Lunch date with my parents at one of our favorite Filipino restaurant: CAFE LAGUNA

My parents opted for a healthy, bounty meal.  A combination of vegetables and seafoods was perfect for a nourishing family meal.

Started off with varied PAMPAGANA (appetizers):  (1) Crispy Kangkong, my all-time favorite which I am always giving a score of 10 of 10.

(2) Another of my favorite appetizers is the Gambas.  I am giving it a score of 9 of 10.

ENSALADA (salad): Cucumber salad - Fresh slices of cucumber with tomato soaked in vinegar.

For the SABAW (soup), my mom ordered HALAAN SOUP - my rating is 8.5 of 10.

For the main GULAY (vegetable) dishes, we ordered: (1) Lumpiang Sariwa - my rating is 7 of 10.
This dish is actually listed under Merienda category of their menu.

(2) Ginataang Kalabasa - good for the eyes!  
Every Filipino meal is always completed with steamed white rice.

We opted for fruit drinks to match the nutritious dishes: Four Seasons Shake and Watermelon Shake.
My overall rating: food + ambiance …
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