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What / Where I Ate - Fuzion Gourmet

A dinner date with my forever food and travel buddy at a restaurant located uptown of Cebu City, completed our Friday night.  The restaurant is FUZION GOURMET.

The restaurant was unpeopled of customers.  The ambiance was rather romantic as most of the areas were dimly lighted, which I am not appreciative with such kind of interior illumination when I am dining.

 SALAD - Salad Nicoise with Seared Tuna - (Php 195.00) a French classic, served with sloves of seared tuna, olives, potatoes, sliced boiled eggs with mixed lettuce My rating is 7 of 10
Since I am a raw salad-buff now, I was delighted with every bite of this mix.

SOUP - Minestrone - (Php 135.00) a famous Italian vegetable soup topped with tapenade in crotons My rating: 7 of 10

Rice is always a staple in every meal eaten by Filipinos.

SMALL BITES (Appetizer) - Spicy Shrimp - (Php 85.00) My rating is 8 of 10, I was amazed as to how big the serving size was.  The dish tasted marginally piquant and expectedly flavorsome.

ENTREE - Grilled Lamb Chops

Sweets Moment: Fudge

Who doesn't love sweets. especially chocolates in different palatable forms and delicious recipes?
A visit to a boutique pastry and sweets shop with chocolate as one of the major ingredient, is worth your time and notes.  Your hungry stomach is not just filled but your sweet tooth fantasies are coming to life at Fudge.
Below are the desserts that we ordered:
The LAVA Cake (the signature dessert) This is my order and my rating is 7 of 10.  The taste of the cake was not tasty as I expected bu the texture of the cake is really good.
The ICE CREAM CAKE This was my niece's order but I always taste other people's order so that I can give my personal rating.  I am giving it and 8 of 10 since the ice cream was perfectly vanilla and the serving size is a-ok. The cake is of so-so taste.
The CHEESECAKE DELIGHT My sister has been in search for the perfect cheesecake since she came back from her trips in the U.S. This rendition from fudge was rated by my sister with 7 of 10, and I also agree wit…
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