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Something Korean in Cebu City, Philippines - TOPOKKI MAN

By far this is my most favored Korean diner in Cebu City, Philippines.  
It was dinner time when we visited their place, for the very first time, located in Rosedale Suites, Gov. M. Cuenco Avenue, Talamban, Cebu City.  Say hello to TOPOKKI MAN!

My previous officemates introduced me to this Korean eatery and through their delivery services only.  After more than six times of ordering from them and have the foods delivered at our office, I decided to pay visit and experience what it's like to eat my favorite quick-bite foods at their diner.

This vanity mirror / decorated wall was behind the seat of my choice.  I selected this corner because I find it girlish and cute.

Above is the one-snap look of the main courses / appetizers that we ordered.  Looking at this now, I am craving and drooling over these yummy goodies!

Spicy Bibimbob + Kimchi (Korean's staple side dish!)

I rarely ordered for Bibimbob since I am more of the plain steamed Korean rice, my 3rd favorite Korean favorite food.  But when I realized that this dish is a healthy combination of go (rice), grow (egg), glow (veggies) foods and it can be made spicy too!  So, I guess, Bibimbob has made it to my top 4 favorite list in Topokki Man.

Of course, Kimchi is the main reason, the top 1 favorite, why I love Korean food! Need not say more... and Topokki Man's recipe is freshly-made and certainly authentic Korean!

Top 2 from my favorite list is DAKANGJUNG!  This recipe is mainly made of chicken but are in bitable size with sweet and spicy sauce... Oh sooo yummy!  You can either opt for full size which costs Php 280.00 or half-size which costs Php 150.00

Believe me, I am the type of person that is consistent with my favorites.  My officemate, Miel, who introduced me to Topokki Man and who also usually took our orders for delivery, would simply ask if my order is exactly the same as the previous.  And as always, she receives a nod from me and she grins back widely, since from among our officemates, I am the only one who rarely shifts food choices.

But during this food visit to Topokki Man diner, we tried on some of their bestsellers, like the Bibimbob and the Baby Roll and their famous dessert too, with a Filipino twist - the Mango Float sprinked with chocolate sauce, peanuts and topped with cherry!

I know there's a lot to try from their menu and I am confident that they are all sumptuous.  I will definitely find time to eat again at Topokki Man when I get back to the Philippines, soon.

My overall rating: excluding ambiance this time, is 100! ... You think I am exaggerating since my usual perfect rating is a 10.  But my taste palate, my heart and my mind is going for the hundred!

The owner of the diner is a true-blooded Korean and we saw him managing the store,  doing customer service while people were waiting for their foods to be served and being playful with the kids dining with their parents.

I sincerely promote Topokki Man and highly recommend that you must try their bestsellers and then who knows, you might order everything from their menu.

Photos taken using Samsung S Duos cellphone.

Eat good food, everyday!
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