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My Kitchen Adventures: Episode 1 - Veggies and Tuna

From this day on, aside from blogging about my restaurant reviews, my travel escapades with food, I am also now beginning to share my other new found love: cooking. I don't bake, I cook. I prefer most cooking viands in particular and always choose those green ingredients for a sumptuous and healthy meal.  
Episode 1:  V E G G I E S   AND   T U NA
Recipe 1  Fresh Lettuce with Sauteed Mushroom and Cherry Tomatoes filled with Feta Cheese with herbs
 Recipe 2  Broccoli, Asparagus and Young Corn in Oyster Sauce and Sesame Oil
Recipe 3 
Spicy Tuna Fusili Pasta in Carbonara Sauce
Simple details on how to prepare Recipe 1: The cherry tomatoes are de-seeded.  The feta cheese slice in sizes that can fit inside the cheery tomatoes.  The tomatoes with cheese and mushroom are sauteed.  A plate filled / arranged with fresh lettuce are topped with the sauteed vegetables and then garnished with parsley.
Simple details on how to prepare recipe 2 - Slice the vegetables.  Saute the sliced and crushed garlic and…

What / Where I Ate - Boosog

Boosog Restaurant is a homegrown Cebuano restaurant specializing in authentic Filipino and lutong bahay (home-cooked) dishes at unbeatable prices.
 We frequent BOOSOG because we love their food and the prices are affordable.  

 The ceiling of the restaurant.

Below are photos of the food that we selected to fill our growling tummies.
 SOUP - Utan Bisaya with Gata , my rating is 8 of 10
 APPETIZER - Crispy Kangkong, my rating is 7 of 10
RICE - Mais (corn rice) - my rating is 6 of 10, as I am not really a fan of corn rice.
APPETIZER - Sinuglaw, my rating is 9 of 10.

 I love anything grilled and raw - especially fish (salmon).
 DRINK - Coconut water in coconut shell, my rating is 9 of 10 because of its freshness.
DESSERT - Halo-Halo, my rating is 6 of 10
My overall rating - food + ambiance + services = 8 of 10
This particular branch of BOOSOG is located near Baseline, Juana Osmena Street, Cebu City, Philippines
The original and first branch of BOOSOG is located at The Gallery in Golam Drive, Pope John…

What / Where I Ate - Brique Modern Kitchen

The first time I have dined at BRIQUE Modern Kithcen, I promised to be back and take my family with me.  And so, I did. I went there again, twice, with my family for  happy and healthy dining for lunch and then another time for dinner.  I did not break my promise.  
 BRIQUE is quite a relatively new fine dining restaurant in Cebu City and is situated alongside Chika-An Sa Cebu Restaurant in Lahug, Cebu City.
 There's more to love at BRIQUE Modern Kitchen, not to mention the interior designing which speaks minimalism at its fineness.  And actual bricks were a part of the interior design too.
 My forever food buddy, who is a caffeine junkie, ordered first for his cup of coffee while waiting for our food.
 Salads, either vegetables or fruits are my parents' favorites, and so has become mine too.  My forever food buddy loves anything green and healthy too.

These were the foods that we ordered:
PASTA: SPAGHETTI BOLOGNESE - my rating was 7 of 10

SALAD 1: SOUTH COAST SALAD - my rating was 1…

What / Where I Ate in Mandaue Ctiy, Cebu, Philippines - MISTER DONUT

I have always repeatedly announced in my blog(s) - here and THERE, that I love the taste of the doughnuts in Mister Donut in Bangkok, Thailand.  So, when we passed by a newly built stand alone Mister Donut cafe in Mandaue City, that got my nerves very thrilled.
The coffee in a mug in their promotional streamers inside the cafe was something new to my sight.  My forever food buddy instantly ordered for the coffee (well, he is a caffeine "junkie").
 The place was really small, can accommodate less than 15 people or maybe even less than 10 only, though most who went in opted for the take-away services.
 I was expecting that the cafe might be quite different from the usual ones already existent here in the country because of the Japanse characters on the signboard.  I have reasearched about Mister Donut and there I found out that it originated and founded in the United States of America in 1956 but now headquartered in Japan.  So my expectation for the taste, soared uber high becau…
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