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Cafe Chronicles: Cat Cafe PH

First CAT CAFE in Cebu City!

The thought of it made me shiver of excitement.  Oh, I love cats and I'm too eager to fondle their fur.

Enjoy the rest of the photos as much I enjoyed the whole experience.

CAT CAFE is located at beside Villa Fatima Subdivision, Guadalupe, Cebu City. Opens from 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm

I failed to ask for their names nor asked for their genders, but as you can see they're all so lovely and cuddly.

Me and my forever travel buddy ordered for our favorite caffeine drinks: mine was the usual frappe and his was a warm cup of Americano.

" Sleep my darling catty cat."

Do drop by at the CAT CAFE in Guadalupe, Cebu City and share your "cat" stories too.

Eat good food, Play with Cats, and Live in style, everyday!

What / Where I Ate - Abaca Baking Company

My mom loves bread, and so we get accustomed to it, and learned to love it too. We were blissful to have known that there is this new bread shop in the metropolis, the ABACA BAKING COMPANY.

ABACA BAKING COMPANY is not just a bread shop, it is a cafe and coffehouse at the same time.

Here's a couple of photos of the hand crafted goods that were sold in the cafe.  Enjoy and take pleasure in these mouthwatering treats.

ABACA BAKING COMPANY is opened daily from 7:00 a.m - 11:00 p.m. This particular branch of the coffeehouse is located at the Crossroads Mall, Banilad, Cebu City

Here's the two kinds of bread that we took home.

Eat good food, and Live in style, everyday!

What / Where I Ate - Parilya

The family headed to PARILYA for lunch one fine Saturday.  It was our first time to dine there and I was a bit excited to see, and taste, what's in store for us at this seaside restaurant. PARILYA is the new addition to the Laguna group of restaurants. The new restaurant showcase Filipino-Cebuano dishes and delicacies and offers indoor and alfresco dining.

HALAAN SOUP was our choice of soup, my forever travel buddy ordered for this - rating: 8 of 10
White steamed rice packed in banana leaf , serving size was indeed good and enough for one person

Recipes with chinese noodles the main ingredient is my dad's ultimate favorite, either cooked as pancit canton, pancit guisado, bam-i, he loves all of these.  We ordered PANCIT CANTON - rating: 7 of 10
SINUGLAW is always one of the best choices as an appetizer - rating: 8 of 10.
First main dish we ordered was especially requested by our niece, the PARILYA LECHON.
The roasted pork skin is crispy, but overall taste is quite not my type.  The PA…

10 Great Shopping Destinations in Bangkok

My 5-day vacation in Bangkok, Thailand did not end when our plane took off from the Land of Smiles.  The vacation was not left forgotten nor was just being stored in my memory.  It was shared, it was made known to many. I have had the best chance to impart my happy experiences to a lot of people and most especially gave a guide on where to shop - for fashion items - in Bangkok.  Having been to Thailand for the fourth time, see HERE, there's still more to see, more to experience, more to taste, more to explore, more to discover but I felt that it was the absolute time to publicize, to promote, to broadcast how amazing Thailand is in my own little ways.
Sun Star featured my trip in their Shopping Bag section on November 28, 2014 and entitled it as  BANGKOK SHOPPING DIARY
Thank you to Ms. Kara.
The photos below were the shots that made it in print.

Here's a recap of the 10 great shopping destinations I have explored and enjoyed during my October 2014 vacation in Bangkok, Thailand.
1.) …
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