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What / Where I Ate in Bangkok, Thailand - Paragon Food Hall

To close Day 2 of our Bangkok Diary 10-2014, we had our dinner at the food court in Siam Paragon Mall.

From the array of food choices, my forever travel buddy opted for something Vietnamese.

Travel, eat good food and Live in style, everyday!

What / Where I Ate - Chinese Ngohiong

If you are from Cebu City, definitely you have tasted or even heard of the famous, because it is delectable, CHINESE NGOHIONG.
Aside from being affordable, these crispy ngohiong are mouth-watering and so delectable.  From among the array of eateries selling their own version of the famous ngohiong, only the ones from CHINESE NGOHIONG are my favorite.

There are only two branches of CHINESE NGOHIONG here in Cebu City: (1) along Junquera Street near USC Main Campus, and (2) at the back of Gaisano Main Department Store - as pictured above.
The combination of these two condiments, the black one is a soy sauce while the orange one is the thick spicy sauce, makes Chinese Ngohiong's ngohiong worth coming back over and over again.  

The ngohiongs are best eaten with "puso" or its English term, hanging rice.  As for me, I can consume 5-6 "puso" with one ngohiong. (f.y.i - I am a rice-eater)
Of course, be prepared with uber-cold drinks!

Cafe Chronicles: Bintana Coffee House

BINTANA is the Cebuano term for window, and this is also the exact name of the coffee shop / eatery that we visited, which is completely called as BINTANA COFFEE HOUSE.

I knew we were going to a coffee shop, but since it was lunch time then, please don't expect to see a cup of latte americano or a frappe coffee.  All orders taken were full meals to feed the growling GIT.

I personally loved this toasted bread, overloaded with molten cheese.

Bintana's version of PALABOK.

Watermelon shake, not really recommended.  Tasted like lipstick.

I forgot the name of this, but I remembered I was in awe upon my first bite and even until the last.

I think this was a fish and chips with a dip dish. It was good.

Bintana Coffee House is located at Elizabeth Pond Street Cebu City.

The place is perfect for study group or self-study, as what I have observed with most the people dining there.  Most of them were students. They were there to have lunch or sip their favorite drinks and to spend another hour o…

Cafe Chronicles: Figaro

Another Coffee shop that we visited, this time, for breakfast was Figaro.
In 1993, a group of coffee lovers and enthusiasts got together and dreamt of a cafe where they could lounge and entertain friends and business associates - an Outlet that can fulfill their demanding taste for great coffee, delicious pastries and excellent service. This dream developed into a concept and soon the concept became a reality.
The concept grew into a complete coffee Outlet where Filipinos could get whatever they needed for coffee making; from the bean, to the equipment and paraphernalia, to the drinks --- THE PERFECT COFFEE....  The Coffee Company's name was not used until April of 1994, when the Company was finally awarded its first mall space in Manila. Then FIGARO COFFEE COMPANY was born.

Here's what we ordered for a Sunday breakfast:
Ham and Cheese Omelette with Toasted Bread
My preference that morning was a Bangus Belly with garlic rice.
This particular branch of FIGARO is located at G/F The Wal…
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