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Little Thailand in Doha, Qatar - AMJAD THAI SNACK RESTAURANT

After two years of officially blogging about food, I am now on my 197th post on a Christmas Day! And this blog post is indeed quite special since I am featuring this newly discovered favorite in my new location.  
I have been very upfront and consistent with my declaration for the love of anything Thailand, and that, of course, includes its cuisine!  After spotting this restaurant a few months ago, we have dined in here for the 8th time, the latest, and have identified new favorites and established a go-to meal combo!
For those who have been residing in Qatar for more than a year and you are a self-declared foodie or someone who loves Thai cuisine or any of the Southeast Asian cuisines, it is highly possible that you have dined here - AMJAD THAI SNACK RESTAURANT in Al Nasr. 

For the months of November and December 2017, we have had our dinners at this restaurant for 6 times, such loyal customers, right?.  And from those dinner dates, we conquered the restaurant by feet,  i.e., we walk fr…
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