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Welcome Take-Away Meal in Woodstock, Georgia, U.S.A. - PANDA EXPRESS

Fifteen months ago, I travelled to the United States of America and the other state that I  have spent my three weeks after California, was the state of Georgia.  My sister was already there and she and her new family picked me up at the airport.  From the domestic airport in Atlanta, we headed to this fast food restaurant in Woodstock, Georgia called PANDA EXPRESS.

Fast Facts of PANDA EXPRESS from the wikipedia:
Panda Express is a fast casual restaurant chain which serves American Chinese cuisine. It is the largest Asian segment restaurant chain in the United States, where it was founded and is mainly located. Wikipedia Parent organizationPanda Restaurant Group HeadquartersRosemead, California, United States Founded: 1983, California, United States FoundersAndrew CherngPeggy Cherng

Actually, this set of photos were taken during my second visit to this branch of PANDA EXPRESS.  Maybe because my sister's new family (specially the in-laws) were very considerate that we are Asians, …

What / Where I Ate in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. - JOHNNY ROCKETS

It was almost an hour past lunch time when we stepped on the grounds of Hollywood Boulevard and so we immediately head inside The Hollywood and Highland Center to search for a restaurant.

And we ended up at JOHNNY ROCKETS at the level 3 of shopping center.

Scanning over the menu, the foods are indeed a showcase of American fast food cuisine.  Burgers, burgers and more burgers...

While waiting for our foods to be served, the waiter who was in-charge for us, handed over this paper plate then he splatted on some ketchup forming this happy smiley!  It was a delightful experience since from anywhere else I have dined in, this was indeed a fun and memorable first time.

So my burger has finally arrived, though unfortunately I forgot to take note of how it was called.   Size of the burger enough for my appetite and the taste of grilled patty with generous layers of greens and tomatoes and onions was delicious.

My choice of refreshment was one of their DELUXE Milk Shakes: OREO COOKIES AND CREAM MILK…

What / Where I Ate in Cebu City, Philippines - SEAFOOD ISLAND

I would like to say that Seafood Island has been known for its Boodle meal set.  And maybe for those who have experienced a "boodle fight" meal here may agree with me that their version is quite uncommon as the food presentation is peculiar to this restaurant.

Though accessibility is not a main attraction to this restaurant, but their delectable Filipino dishes are a must-try!  The decorations imparts a "Fiesta" mood and some beach vibes too.  

This particular branch is located at the fourth floor of the Terraces in Ayala Center Cebu and it would expectedly give us a good view of the blue skies, greenery of Ayala's mini garden and the high-rise establishments within Cebu Business Park.

Ready for the "boodle fight", prepped with silverwares for the eating warriors!

From among the array of boodle set meals, we opted for the TALI BEACH good for 3-4 persons!

And see below for its actual presentation! Is it closely similar to the picture from their menu?
The var…