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What / Where I Ate in Hong Kong - SUSHI EXPRESS TAKE-OUT

Stayed in Hong Kong for less than 24 hours while waiting for our flight to Los Angeles, California and had the best chance again to taste sushi from Sushi Express (Take-Out).

You can read more of Sushi Express from my other blog post HERE.

My rating for FOOD TASTE is a perfect 10, as always.

Travel and Eat good food, everyday!

Cafe Chronicles in Hong Kong: PACIFIC COFFEE

I did not miss the chance to taste coffee in Hong Kong.  

My choice is always a dose of frappe with chocolate, either chips or flavor on it.

My overall rating: coffee drink + ambiance + services + value for money = 8 of 10 (mostly for the coffee, the area was not spacious enough)

Travel, Drink Coffee and Eat good food, everyday!

Food Discovery & Review: Chocolate Moist Fudge Brownies

Discovered Dessert Factory's Chocolate Moist Fudge Brownies and I can attest that it is one of the tastiest brownies I have ever tasted and it's worth recommending.

My rating for this moist brownies is 9 of 10.  Just almost perfect but absolutely mouthwatering.

Dessert Factory have branches in Ayala Mall, Lahug, Ramos, Park Mall and J Center Mall.

Eat good food, everyday!

Cafe Chronicles: Cafe Namoo

Another cafe in Cebu City that me and my forever food buddy have ticked off from our list of to-visit cafes.  Have you been to Cafe Namoo?

Drink some coffee and Eat good food, everyday!

Food Review: Gourmet Picks Potato Chips by Oishi

Let me begin this post by asking a question, what is a Junk Food?

As defined by, Junk food is a pejorative term for cheap food containing high levels of calories fromsugar or fat with little fiberproteinvitamins or minerals.

Despite being labeled as "junk," such foods usually do not pose any immediate health concerns and are generally safe when integrated into a well balanced diet.

Potato chips basically categorized as Junk Food.  And one of the big brands now in the Philippines offering a wide array of potato chips choices at very affordable prices and with flavors that would get you hooked with their junkies, is OISHI.
From the two variants of Gourmet Picks from Oishi, the WASABI & NORI flavor is my favorite, mainly because I love wasabi and the flavor is very detectable in this variant, even with one bite.  The flavor is well-blended and the amount of spiciness is sufficient.  Perfect flavor for the wasabi-fanatic individuals.

The pale yellow potato chips…

Cafe Chronicles: SLT Cafe

A cafe inside a supermarket? A clever idea!

Yes, Sweet Little Things Cafe, more known as SLT Cafe has one of its branches situated inside a grocery store.  This particular branch of SLT Cafe is located at the Ground Floor, Fooda Saversmart, F. Cabahug Street, Mabolo, Cebu City. 

And these were the goodies that we ordered:

Brownie Ala Mode  My rating: 8 of 10

Blue Berry Crumble Cupcake My rating: 6 of 10

Frost Coffee Mocha My rating: 7 of 10

My overall rating: food + ambiance + service + value for money = 6.5 of 10. 
The sweets are okey (meaning, they tasted "just right" / "so-so")  but the ambiance is not as comfy compared to those typical cafes.

Eat good food, everyday!

What / Where I Ate: Kublai Khan

Mongolian food, finally tasted it at KUBLAI KHAN.

This particular branch of KUBLAI KHAN is located at the Ground Floor of Robinsons Cybergate, Capitol Site, Cebu City Telephone No. 032-5135433 Opening Hours: 10:00 A.M. - 9:00 P.M. daily

My overall rating: food + ambiance + services + value for money = 7 of 10.

Photos taken using iPhone 4s

Eat good food, everyday!
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