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A Visit to Davao

Please bear with me in this another long-overdue posting.  A day after Christmas, we headed to Davao to visit relatives.  This has been an annual activity for the past three years and counting.  Just want to share to you the places I've been in Davao.  It is a peaceful place to be.

First time in SM Lanang Premier in Davao, and first time to dine in SUMOSAM.

at the People's Park
After our first try in LEGASPI SUITES, we promised ourselves to stay only in this hotel  every time we visit the city.
My breakfast at Legaspi Suites

What I Wore in Davao: Although it was December, but we never had cold day temperatures on this month.  So my outfit, looks like it was summer time.  My cap is on, strutted those scallop shorts, fitted print tee, and a sweater on the waist for a semi-grunge feel.  Don my pink flats ready for comfy walks.

Happy Sunday to all!

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