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Breakfast in Davao City, Philippines - CAFE MARIUS

When in Davao City, Philippines, me and my forever food and travel buddy have sort of vowed to only stay at Legaspi Suites.  And so we did and we always will.  During our last visit in December 2016, a new cafe was serving the complimentary breakfast of the suites, which is situated on the ground floor near the left gate of the compound.
Breakfast in Legaspi Suites was served at CAFE MARIUS from 6:00 - 10:00 in the morning.

I found the cafe cute in the sense that it was appealing to the girl's heart through its consistently purple theme.  It looked like the dining area/kitchen of a dollhouse.

For the complimentary breakfast, we were only allowed to choose from the "ALL DAY MEALS" section of the menu.


What I liked also in the cafe, aside from the cute details, were the clear glass walls that allowed natural light coming in the cafe.  My forever food and travel buddy loves to eat at a corner beside a window or an area that would give us a clear view of the outs…

What / Where I Ate in Cebu City, Philippines - MASTER PO

Discovered a new Chinese restaurant through Zomato.  I was emailed by the Zomato - Cebu team for the opening of MASTER PO located atUnit 9 Plaza Nouvlle, E., E Benedicto St, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines.  Though I was not able to attend the opening, I did spare time to visit the newly opened (a few months ago) Chinese eatery.

The restaurant is somewhat a fast-food type of eatery.  They have a mezzanine level, but we opted to dine on the ground floor.
It was at MASTER PO where I coined the word "snach".  A combined word to mean, a meal eaten before afternoon snacks and after lunch.

Their menu is presented through a thick board, printed back to back.  Let's proceed to what we ordered for our "snach".

Serving Size: 9 of 10 Price vs. Serving Size: 9 of 10 Food Taste:9 0f 10 Price vs. Food Taste: 8.5 of 10
Serving Size: 9 of 10 Price vs. Serving Size: 9 of 10 Food Taste:9 0f 10 Price vs. Food Taste: 8.5 of 10

Ala Cart…

Food Review: Another KINDER BUENO Story

Kinder Bueno Milk Chocolate Coated Wafer is one of my favorites go-to snacks (if available in our fridge!)

I have already posted a Kinder Bueno Chocolate Coated Wafer food review previously, you can see it HERE.  However, it does not include the WHITE variant.

The original MILK CHOCOLATE variant.
 The WHITE variant which looks totally different from the other two variants.  I thought there were only two variants of this brand of coated wafer: original / milk chocolate and dark chocolate, so I made a food review of them last year, see HERE.  
But when I arrived in Doha, Qatar, I discovered that there is a white version too and I needed to update my food review on Kinder Bueno wafers.
 More photos... Oh, I just love capturing my favorites!

The reasons why I really love munching these yummies are:
(1) the chocolate coatings which gives you that  real, pure, exquisite chocolate flavor; 
(2) the hazelnut (have I told you  that I am a lover of hazelnut too!) filling with a taste and texture per…

First Dine-In Fast Food Experience in Doha, Qatar at SBARRO

SBARRO is a familiar pizza and pasta chain eatery as it is also available in the Philippines.  I am not honestly a fan of SBARRO but have tried some of their pizza and pasta back in SM City Cebu.
This specific Italian chain of pizzeria at this particular branch is memorable to me since this is the very first eatery that we have dined outside of the house when I first arrived in Doha, Qatar early this year.  Hence, a blog post is a must.

SBARRO SUCCESS STORY via the wikipedia...
Sbarro, LLC is a chain of pizzeria that specializes in New York style pizza by the slice and other Italian-American cuisine.  Sbarro was founded in 1956 by Gennaro and Carmela Sbarro. The couple and their three sons, Joseph, Mario, and Anthony immigrated to America from NaplesItaly. The same year, the Sbarro family opened their first salumeria (an Italian grocery store) at 1701 65th Street and 17th Avenue in BensonhurstBrooklyn, New York, which became popular for its fresh food and Italian fare.  
And as they s…

Revisiting the Renovated LA VIE PARISIENNE in Cebu City, Philippines

LA VIE PARISIENNE has been serving gourmet pastries and one-of-its-kind French "feels" in the city of Cebu since 2014 (correct me if I am mistaken).  It was also my very first visit to this unique and "it" place to check out that year.   Rewind 2015, my first blog post about this deli bakery/cafe finally came out.  My photos that time were more of the alfresco dining areas and highlighting those igloo-inspired structures, you can see it HERE.

My third visit to LA VIE PARISIENNE on January 2017, was a sheer delight.  I was so surprised of the total make-over inside the bakery/cafe.  I was mesmerized on that visit and I am very much excited now to show you the transformation they have made. Let my photos take you inside the rustic and elegant interior designing of the newly renovated cafe with "instagrammable" details that are worth posting and reposting on all your social media accounts.  

I need not say much for this post.  Let these photographs speak for t…
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