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What/Where I Ate - Casa Verde

For the first time with my family, we dined at Casa Verde at The Walk. Ordered my favorite recipes...awesome dinner.  

Brian's Baby-back Ribs!!!

SHRiMP-IN-A-BARBIE Appreciate their rendition of shrimp-on-sticks, but not that palatable according to my taste
the ceiling
Buffalo Wings
My overall rating of the restaurant is 10
The food is great, the place is great despite of the minutes we have to waste just to wait for our turn to experience a sumptuous meal at Casa Verde.
I believe this is a Cebuano's pride.
It's the one place you have to go once you come here in Cebu City.

Casa Verde is located in The Terraces at Ayala, The Walk at Asia Town IT Park and at Ranudo Extension, Ramos St. near Velez Hospital.

Visit here for more of CASA VERDE.

Have you eaten at Casa Verde?

The Long Weekend That Was - Part Three

September 11, 2010  We went to Parkmall! 1.) played on their playground  2.) experienced shopping at a Park Bazaar - though stalls were limited - 3.) tasted shave ice for the first time

on me: Color Coordination - Black and White thrifted cowlneck graffiti black&white quarter-sleeve dress
black leggings
zebra print flats
Kipling shoulder bag
silver accessory watch
Park Bazaar find:  neon green-pink wedge, imported from the U.S.A. (from a balikbayan package) 
I have always wanted to try flavored shave ice and finally...
introducing... Monster Mash  a mix of artificially colored and flavored strawberry-blueberry-pineapple syrups for Php 55 regular size

and see, they baptize your cups... souvenir perhaps?
Have you tried flavored shave ice at Cherry's Hawaiian Shave Ice?

What / Where I Ate - Banana Leaf

We frequent Banana Leaf basically because their food really has pronounced taste and its Thai. but most important consideration:
my mom likes to dine here (1st priority!).  

I honestly forgot the exact names of these foods, but surely are gastronomically satisfying.

the architectural ambiance

the appetizer: toasted prawn

superb-tasting mussels

the rice

the pork

the noodles

Have you dined at Banana Leaf?

What / Where I Ate - Flavours of China

Another delayed post... anyway we went malling to SM last August 28,2010.  We spent, somehow wasted, two (2) hours waiting for the 3 lead casts of the concluded Agua Bendita (my dad is a super-fan of this teleserye); the tarp says mall show starts at 4pm but the stars arrived 6pm.  Since I was at my mood of seeing Andi Eigenmann in person, so we did patientlywait, standing at SM's covered parking lot. 

Then we had dinner at Flavours of China at the Northwing We ordered their Bundle, a good for four meal set worth Php 888 Restaurant rating: 6   1.)Not impressed with their menu, staff and ambiance 2.) Did not have a Flavourful Chinese Dining Experience
Have you eaten at Flavours of China?
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