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Home-Cooking: Fresh and Fried

For tonight, I want to share something prepared at home, not by me but my mom.

Who doesn't love eating something fresh and something fried foods with main ingredients coming from the seas?
something FRESH
something FRIED
Have you eaten this seaweed?  Do you its name?
In English, it is called SEA GRAPES or PHILIPPINE GREEN CAVIAR.   In our local dialect, Bisaya, it is called LATO.
 After washing it with clean water, no soap, it can be eaten directly or dip and soak it with vinegar and spices for some zest.

Another yummy treats from the seas, are fishes which have been dried.  This kind of food can be eaten after being fried or grilled.  My mom opted it fried and this is such one great appetizer.  How it's called in our dialect? We call this BUWAD BOLINAO.

Eat good food, everyday!
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