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What / Where I Ate - Borussia

Travelling, with your favorite travel buddy and without really knowing where you are heading to is totally one ultimate adventure in this lifetime.  But travels are not complete without having to taste the goodies in store for tourists in the local food shops and eateries in those newly traversed destinations.  

And that was what my travel buddy and I did.  We traveled  really far with nothing specific  in mind... and BORUSSIA was one good discovery in northern part of Cebu, particularly in the municipality of Sogod.
BORUSSIA is a German restaurant, owned and operated by German couple Jürgen and Chuchi Männchen

Here's what we ordered for our lunch:
VEGETABLE SALAD - my food and travel buddy and I are so in love with healthy foods, so we do not skip eating fresh green vegetable salads in every meal, as possible as we can.
Main Course:  My food buddy's order - GERMAN SAUSAGE + MASHED POTATO

It was a good salad, the vegetables were fresh and the herbs added …

What / Where I Ate - Chowking

One of the many fast foods chains that is truly Filipino owned is CHOWKING.

Chowking is a Philippine-based chain that pioneered the Asian quick-service restaurant concept in the Philippines. The concept combines a Western fast food service style with Chinese food.

 Next to Jollibee, my mom prefers Chowking for easy-breezy meals.  Here's what we ordered:
Rice Meal: CHINESE STYLE FRIED CHICKEN LAURIAT with drink Content: Fried chicken, rice, pancit canton, pork siomai, chicharap and buchi  Rice Meal with drink for the price of Php 183.00 is worth it.  My rating for the food - 7 of 10.  I love the crispiness of the broasted chicken, and the taste too.  However, the noodle (pancit canton) is that palatable.  Another of my favorite Side Dish in Chowking (next to CHICHARAP) is the KANKONG WITH BAGOONG.  One order costs Php 43.00 and my rating is 9 of 10.
This was my order.  Rice Meal - CHINESE STYLE FRIED CHICKEN MEAL with drink Content: Fried chicken, rice and chicharap Rice Meal: PORK SIOMAI CH…

Cafe Chronicles: Cafe Talk

Another cafe has a double strikethrough from my list of "to-visit cafes" in Cebu City and it's CAFE TALK!

Have you been here?

I am blessed to have a travel buddy that double as my food buddy as well. I am the happiest when he agrees (and always do) to my food cravings and resto/cafe hunting adventures, plus this goes on forever!

CAFE TALK is another Korean-inspired / Korean-themed cafe in Cebu City.  See those cute spaces with lots of post-its on the walls and ceiling.

And to our surprise, there was a television on the cubicle.  This is the first ever cafe that I have been to that had a TV set.  And this definitely means movie time!
 A visit to a cafe is never complete if I cannot taste their version of java or chocolate chip frappe.  Pictured above was my choice of frappe: the JAVA CHIP frappe - my rating though is 6 of 10.
They called this AIR FRIES - hmmm just another deep-fried potato strip fries.  
 That RIPE MANGO SHAKE - quite OK, according to my forever food buddy.
 My f…

Weekend Food Fair at J Centre Mall

Street food at its finest; taste it at the weekend food fair at J Centre Mall.

The weekend food fair at J Centre Mall happens only on Saturdays and Sundays and offers a wide array of food selections - street foods and pastries and some fresh fruits and vegetables.  We oftentimes drop by at the mall on Sundays to have a taste of all the goodies that the food fair has to offer.  
My new favorite street food, DYNAMITE! ( green pepper - SILI ESPADA wrapped in LUMPIA WRAPPER)
Loving these fresh fruits, though the green mangoes are missing at this time, but the crispy PAPAYA fruit and sliced SINGKAMAS (Mexican turnip), spicy vinegar dipping + salt will ultimately complete your taste buds craving.
Have you tasted PICHI-PICHI?  - This is a Filipino gelatinous dessert that is made of grated cassava and sugar and poured over with grated coconut meat.
Another love of mine, proudly Cebuano is the PINTOS! , made from ground corn, milk and either butter (special) or margarine (ordinary) and wrapped with…
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