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Food Review: Another KINDER BUENO Story

Kinder Bueno Milk Chocolate Coated Wafer is one of my favorites go-to snacks (if available in our fridge!)

I have already posted a Kinder Bueno Chocolate Coated Wafer food review previously, you can see it HERE.  However, it does not include the WHITE variant.

 The original MILK CHOCOLATE variant.

 The WHITE variant which looks totally different from the other two variants.  I thought there were only two variants of this brand of coated wafer: original / milk chocolate and dark chocolate, so I made a food review of them last year, see HERE.  

But when I arrived in Doha, Qatar, I discovered that there is a white version too and I needed to update my food review on Kinder Bueno wafers.

 More photos... Oh, I just love capturing my favorites!

The reasons why I really love munching these yummies are:

(1) the chocolate coatings which gives you that  real, pure, exquisite chocolate flavor; 


(2) the hazelnut (have I told you  that I am a lover of hazelnut too!) filling with a taste and texture perfectly intertwined to give a you a taste of heaven here on Earth.

My food rating: Perfect 100! (10 of 10)

Eat good food, every day!


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