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Breakfast in Davao City, Philippines - CAFE MARIUS

When in Davao City, Philippines, me and my forever food and travel buddy have sort of vowed to only stay at Legaspi Suites.  And so we did and we always will.  During our last visit in December 2016, a new cafe was serving the complimentary breakfast of the suites, which is situated on the ground floor near the left gate of the compound.

Breakfast in Legaspi Suites was served at CAFE MARIUS from 6:00 - 10:00 in the morning.

I found the cafe cute in the sense that it was appealing to the girl's heart through its consistently purple theme.  It looked like the dining area/kitchen of a dollhouse.

For the complimentary breakfast, we were only allowed to choose from the "ALL DAY MEALS" section of the menu.


What I liked also in the cafe, aside from the cute details, were the clear glass walls that allowed natural light coming in the cafe.  My forever food and travel buddy loves to eat at a corner beside a window or an area that would give us a clear view of the outside environment.  And as pictured above, it was his choice of table and seats to where we had our breakfasts for two days.

We are a yin and yang pair, I guess I have said this several times, that for our drinks, especially when dining at cafes or eating breakfasts, my forever food and travel buddy always opt for a warm cup of coffee, while my choice is always a cold drink, of either a glass of iced fruit juice, fruit shake or soda.  For our day 1 breakfast, he had coffee and I had iced orange juice.

My order was the TOCINO CHICKEN with omelette and steamed white rice topped with fried garlic, as pictured above. And my forever food and travel buddy went for the CHORIZO MACAU with a sunny-side-up egg and steamed white rice topped with fried garlic, as pictured below. 


For our day 2 breakfast, we were glad that our preferred spot was unoccupied, so we head on there right away.  Service was actually quick as we were also lucky that every time we had breakfast, the cafe was still unpeopled.

My Ratings:
Cafe Concept = 10 of 10 
( I love complimentary breakfasts + dollhouse-like)
Menu Options (All Day Meals) = 7 of 10 
Food Serving Size = 7 of 10
Overall Food Taste = 8 of 10
 Lay-Out and Interior Designing = 8 of 10
Size of Restaurant = 7 of 10
Restaurant Lighting = 10 of 10 
(natural lighting was highly available through the glass walls) 
Ambiance = 8 of 10 
Services of Staff = 8 of 10 
Money Value = 8.5 of 10 

OVERALL RATING = 81.5% Recommended

My order was the BONELESS TUYO with a sunny-side-up egg and steamed white rice, as pictured above. And my forever food and travel buddy went for the BANGUS with omelette and steamed white rice, as pictured below. 

To our amazement, the boneless tuyo had a gourmet taste and fortunately, the cafe also sold jars of this addicting dish.  So we bought one jar and took home to Cebu.

I was strutting my color coordination style advocacy on our second day breakfast at Cafe Marius.

Photos were taken using Samsung S Duos cell phone.

Travel and Eat good food, every day!



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