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What / Where I Ate In Hong Kong - KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)

Kentucky Fried Chicken - It was our best option to have our lunch while we were in the exhibition held at Asia World Expo.  It was the nearest, most accessible and the most affordable from the array of food sellers outside the exhibit area.

The place was small and situated in a food court type of eatery.  The food choices were also minimal compared to a regular KFC fast-food store located inside malls or stand alone branches.

My choice was called a HOT WINGS COMBO which costs 85 HKD. 
The combo is a mix of 4 pcs hot chicken wings, regular fries, 1 egg tart, Lays Potato Chips or Doritos and medium size softdrinks.

Unfortunately, they do not sell rice, so I had to persuade my self to be contented with the fries.  The meal did not fully satisfy my gustatory cravings but have somehow filled in the emptiness of my hungry stomach.  In my opinion, the price was quite high for that kind of combo meal.  The size of the chicken wings brought a frown too.  The spiciness of the chicken was not memorable. I was a little dismal to the taste of the egg tart.   That KFC egg tart in Bangkok, see HERE, was still the best so far.

My overall rating: food + ambiance + services = 6 of 10.

In my future visits to Hong Kong, I will definitely spare time to dine other KCF branches to reconsider this current review.

This branch of KFC in Hong Kong is located at AsiaWorld Expo, RAF Kai Tak (KTZ), Cheong Wing Rd, Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong


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