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Food Delivery in Doha, Qatar - CHILI'S

One best alternative to eating good food from your favorite restaurants is having it delivered to your homes.  What a brilliant suggestion isn't it?  Thanks to TALABAT.COM, our lives, rather our stomachs will not be underfed whenever the clock is about to hit Chow time!

This was our first time to order from Chili's and also the first time to taste the TRIO FAJITA.

Mix and Match Fajitas Trio
Cost 84 QAR plus 5 QAR for delivery = 89 QAR
( I honestly find it pricey)

My  Ratings:

Food Options = 9 of 10
Serving Size = 8 of 10 
Food Taste (based on orders) = 9 of 10
Money Value = 6.5 of 10
Packaging / Presentation = 9 of 10
Speed of Delivery = 7 of 10

OVERALL RATING = 80.83% Recommended

Eat good food, every day!


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