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What / Where I Ate - Kentucky Fried Chicken in Bangkok

After almost 4 hours of wandering and shopping at the vicinity of Victory Monument, we decided to rest our feet and filled our empty stomach with a good meal at Kentucky Fried Chicken in Center One Shopping Complex.

There are people who would discourage eating at familiar fast food chains whenever travelling to other countries.  But I would do the opposite. I love eating fast foods chains from other countries as I am definitely certain that each country would have their own rendition of the their menu.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is an American fast food chain but is globally visible and popular.  From the countries that I have been to, I have tasted KFC in Indonesia and in Thailand.  In comparison, Bangkok, Thailand's rendition of their deep-fried chicken and other foods in their menu are far more better, more mouthwatering than that in Jakarta, Indonesia, and also better than in the Philippines.

It is known almost to all that Thailand people love their foods to be spicy H - O - T !  And when you say hot, definitely scalding hot on the mouth.  But aside from being hot, it is surely rich in taste and you would really want more of it, and more ice on your drinks too!

 This dish is specifically available only in Thailand as it is flavored according to the Thai's taste.  It is somewhat not that acceptable at first, but on your successive bites, you would begin to chew and swallow like a local in Bangkok.

 I loved their soda because they were very generous with their ice! And they used served the soda in a large glass for a regular drink.  I think they intended it to be as it is as their foods are uberly spicy (according to my taste) but somehow tolerable.

And my most favorite food at KFC Bangkok is the EGG TART!!!  Someone told me that when you travelling to Hong Kong, one must eat Egg Tart as Hong Kong makes the good egg tarts.  I am not yet so agreeable to that person.  However, I am promoting now that when you go to Bangkok, Thailand, you must the taste the Egg Tart at KFC!  My mouth is salivating now just by the thought of those yummiest egg tarts I have ever tasted.

Overall rating: perfect 10 because of the food's taste!

Travel, Eat good food and Live in style, everyday!


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