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Cafe Chronicles: Cafe Tiala

I've researched another Cafe within Cebu City and ended up this cutesy, girlish Korean-inspired cafe located at a building that is adjacent to the Grand Convention Center in Archbishop Reyes Avenue.

Second Stop:
C A F E    T I A L A

Cafe Tiala has a different theme from the first cafe that we stepped foot on (remember Coffee Prince? HERE) since they have ladies dress in maid uniforms to welcome and render their services to the customers.
Complementary sandwich and hot tea.

Cute menu set that comes in a box.

Of course, we ordered Korean spicy noodles and rice which was presented in a heart shape, another cutesy presentation.

Fish cakes, so rich in flavor, that's why we ordered rice.

I promised myself (almost like a vow, lol) that every time I visit a cafe for the first time, I have to order my favorite caffeinated Java or chocolate chip frappe.  Good that Cafe Tiala has their rendition of Java chip frappe.  It's presentation perfectly matches for a princess, a frappe coffee in a goblet.

The mini cabin-like divisions of the cafe, which they call Princess Room.  Looks like extra large doll houses for princesses.

A facial expression for blank thoughts. Anyway, I knew, because it was scheduled, that we are to visit Cafe Tiala, so I wore a pink ensemble to match the cafe's theme color. (pink for princesses).

If you have been following this blog, I am an advocate of Color Coordination, as I highly emphasized on my self-declared fashion advocacy: C.L.E.A.N. fashion where C stands for Color Coherence or coordination.  In this outfit, I went almost head-to-toe monochoromatic, in a pink-shade ( babypink) & tint (fuchsia pink)- color coordination.  

CAFE TIALA is located at The Forum Building, 2nd floor Unit 2-D along Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City.  Make sure to drop by there one day.

What I Wore:
denim jeggings - Jag
fuchsia pink "cat"  mullet top - Kirin-Kirin @ Ayala Alabang Town Center
baby pink custom-made blazer - my tailor
 fuchsia pink satin flats - MNG 
sunglasses - G. Fiesta Mall
necklace - G. Metro

Live in style, everyday!


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