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Cafe Chronicles: Coffee Prince

I have been attracted to the thought of visiting Korean-themed, or any themed, cafes within the metro.  Social networking sites have been flooded with photos and stories of the different cafes that have sprouted randomly in the city.  And guess what?, these cafes are worth-bragging and seemingly awesome with not just about how they beautify their  interiors, or how they materialized their concepts, but it is also more on the delectable good eats they offer that makes all these cafes ultimately interesting.  Hence, I started my own cafe-hopping adventures.  This write-up would commence my series of postings about the cafes that I have visited and the foods / drinks that I have tasted from their enticing menus. I am calling this series: CAFE CHRONICLES

First stop:
C O F F E E   P R I N C E

The name of the cafe is indeed inspired by the 2007 South Korean television drama series "Coffee Prince" starring Yoon Eun-Hye and Gong Yoo.

Coffee Prince is located at Capitol Site right across Cebu Doctors Hospital.  It occupies a newly renovated 2-storey old house.  The space is indeed bigger compared to other cafes I have browsed over the internet.  I was delighted upon entering Coffee Prince since it was the very first themed cafe (Korean) that I have stepped foot on.

The cuddly teddy bears that are lined up on the window of the ground floor of the cafe.  So cute.

 Our choice of caffeine: a mason jar of frappe and a cup of latte.

 The delicate curtain beads hang on the cubicles, makes your chosen space kind of private. 

At the back of the cafe is this saturated wall of hand-painted sunflowers.  I belonged to the wall.

From among an array of frappe coffee, I only opt for two: JAVA CHIP FRAPPUCCINO from Starbucks and CHOCOLATE CHIP FROCCINO from Bo's Coffee.
For Coffee Prince, they only offered JAVA CHIP FRAPPE with a hint of coffee, so I tried their rendition. This drink oozed just a right dose of caffeine for my then sleepless nights. The cold quencher is worth a repeat.

The pair of spider earrings I wore during my visit to Coffee Prince.

This decorated corner is a cutesy backdrop for selfie's and groufie's.

Do find time to visit Coffee Prince.  It's worth your time and money too.

This post would actually not be completed without a style tip.

Sigh Styles Tip:

Going monochromatic is one of the essentials of my fashion advocacy. Remember the first letter C? from my C.L.E.A.N Fashion advocacy?  C means Color-coordinated which is somehow synonymous to monochromatic.


My blue monochromatic ensemble made me camouflaged with the backdrop.  

The Question:
How can you wear a one-color outfit without looking too boring, too matchy?

The Answers:
1. Pair the tints and shades of the chosen solid color.  This blue top, the standard hue (the lighter part) is paired with a fitted pants in cobalt blue (tint - the darker part).
2. Put on another solid color, this time for your accessories.  The red coral necklace is a standout.
3. The shoes, the bag, the sunnies in different colors can be a boredom-breaker too.
4.  Make sure that either your top or your bottoms have something interesting on it to divert the attention from the monotonous color-scheme to the head-turner details.  See the star cut-outs on the sleeves of the top which shows off the the white fabric behind.

Hope to have shared useful fashion tips for tonight.

What I Wore:
blue top with stars on the sleeves - Cyecle
cobalt blue fitted pants - White Gold
metallic embellished flats - G. Fiesta
sling bag - Tous
coral stone necklace - Kultura
spider earring / sunnies - Chatuchak Weekend - Bangkok, Thailand

Live in style, everyday!


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