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Weekday Brunch at the WEEKEND in Cebu City, Philippines

During my 45-day vacation in Cebu, Philippines third quarter of this year, I decided to dine at new (literally new and those existing ones that I have not conquered yet) dining establishments in the city.  And that's what I did.  This foodie journey was started off with our brunch meal at the Weekend during a warm weekday on July.

Weekend is located at The Greenery, Pope John Paul II Ave., Kasambagan, Cebu City.  This is new to me since when I left the country last January, I have not yet heard about this restaurant.  

It was a humid day and the hospitality of the restaurant was initially expressed through the iced-cold glass of water that they offered.  And we just needed that badly.

Their menu was presented in a simple, minimalist manner, sort of modishly rustic and somehow reminded me of Brique's menu, see HERE.

Dining in at restaurants always begins with the serving of your choice of beverages.  We opted for the fruit refreshments and I unfortunately forgot to take note of the names of these juices. But I remembered that my taste buds and my parched esophagus were undeniably impressed.

For our meal, we ordered for a salad and a steak with rice for the main course.  See full details below for my review.

Wood, cement and metal were the chief materials of the interior designing which corresponded to brown, gray and silver colors  of the entire restaurant and that matched up with the description I gave to their menu earlier: simple, minimalistic and modishly rustic. 

The exterior walls of the restaurant were all glass which I admired the most since it allowed abundant natural light during daytime dining.  They offer indoor and alfresco seating.  We opted to eat inside as I needed some air-conditioning to cool down my body temperature.  Can you spot our preferred seats? Hint: check out our reflections through the hanging lamps. 

Let us now proceed to the dishes that we ordered and my feedbacks on these.


Price: 335 PHP

Taste Comment and Other Comments:
Fresh greens + fruits + nuts galore = healthy yum

Taste Rating:
5 of 5
Serving Size vs. Price Rating:
3 of 5
Taste vs. Price Rating:
3.5 of 5


Price: 355 PHP

Taste Comment and Other Comments:
It's the best-tasting bacon steak that I have ever had
and it's a full package with rice and side dishes.
Highly recommended!

Taste Rating:
10 of 5 
(for the bacon steak alone!)

Serving Size vs. Price Rating:
3 of 5
Taste vs. Price Rating:
5 of 5

We certainly had an unexpected sumptuous brunch meal and organic dining experience.  We look forward to tasting again the bacon steak and trying on their other dishes in our future visits.  

My Ratings:
Restaurant Concept  = 10 of 10 
Menu Options = 7 of 10 
Food Serving Size = 7 of 10
Overall Food Taste  = 9 of 10
Restaurant Lay-Out and Interior Designing = 7 of 10
Size of Restaurant = 7 of 10
Restaurant Lighting = 10 of 10 
( i love the clear glass walls as it permit natural light for daytime dining)
Ambiance = 7 of 10 
Services of Staff = 8 of 10 
Money Value = 8 of 10

OVERALL RATING = 80% Recommended

Photos were taken using LG Nexus 4 cell phone.

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