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Food Review: Oishi Popcorns

Popcorns are irresistibly enjoyable snacks to nibble.

These are popcorns from the brand OISHI, made from the Philippines by the company Liwayway Holdings Company Limited.

The CARAMEL and CHEESE combination is the newest flavor introduction and I can say that they did an amazing leap to this combination.  It is indeed tasty where in saltiness and sweetness comes at a balance.

The CARAMEL flavor is the original popcorn flavor the food manufacturing company has produced and I have loved it since the first time I have tasted this popcorn flavor.  But they gave a new look to their packaging design probably later part of 2016.

Though I love CHOCOLATE flavor, but this popcorn flavor from Oishi does not totally meet my "standards" for something chocolaty.   There is always too much room for improvement.

Among the three flavors, my first in rank is the Caramel, second is Caramel and Cheese and the third but not the least is the Chocolate.

I hope in the future, OISHI will extend their popcorn line with new unique and delicious flavors!

Enjoy snacks and eat good food, everyday!


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