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The Brew Company Qatar Turns One!

 The Brew Company Qatar which introduced the novel coffee and tea brewers here in Qatar is celebrating its First Year Anniversary!  Congratulations!

This is actually my second blog post dedicated to this first-rate innovation from The Brew Company. You can see HERE for my first review.  For me, one promotional post seems inadequate as these brilliant outcomes from an exhaustive product development deserve to have a colossal spotlight and outspread propaganda!

By fact, most of us are aware that coffee and tea are good sources of antioxidants.  Drinking a cup of tea or coffee becomes the more advantageous means of antioxidant consumption as such activity has embedded a daily routine especially for those who have been hooked by the positively habit-forming phytochemical constituents inherent to coffee and tea.

With the advent of the coffee and tea brewers from The Brew Company, an unlimited and convenient access to the world's antioxidant powerhouse has been just an easy reach. What more can you ask for?  It is high time now to score these products and experience both the practical and nourishing benefits you can gain out of it.

Coffee can be best paired with desserts, like your favorite cake, cookies or doughnuts.

To amplify the health benefits of this popular anticancer herb, why not pair your freshly brewed green tea drink with another green tea bites!

The TEABREWER and The COFFEEBREWER, which are exclusively distributed by THE BREW COMPANY QATAR, are available now at the different supermarkets here in Doha, Qatar: Lulu Hypermarket, K-Mart, Carrefour, Spinneys, Monoprix and Family Food Center.

You can also send a direct message to THE BREW COMPANY QATAR's social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram or call on 77099225 to have the products delivered to your doorsteps.

Special thanks to The Brew Company Qatar for sharing with me these organic tea and coffee brewers to experience healthful, gourmet tea and coffee anytime, anywhere!


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