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CC Popcorn for a Premiere Night of Disney's & Pixar's COCO by Novo Cinemas at the Mall of Qatar

Wonder what CC Popcorn is? It is merely a subtle mix of two famous flavors from movie house popcorns: "Say, Cheese!" and "Hey, Caramel!"

Last night's happening have provided another set of my new "first" experiences here in Doha, and in my lifetime too.  Cheers to my ineffaceable accomplishments:

1.) It was my first time to attend an event as a blogger.  Though it was not the first invitation I received, the right timing made it as the first event that I have ever attended in my social media journey as someone who blogs about food, personal style, fashion styling and travel.
2.) It was my first time to watch a motion picture in the contemporary and hygienic-appealing, and indeed pretty neat, movie house at Novo Cinemas at the Mall of Qatar.
3.) It was the first ever, since my existence, movie premiere night that I have graced.
4.) And yes, my first time to taste the POPCORNS from the concessionaire of Novo Cinemas at the Mall of Qatar.

Popcorns are commonly eaten in movie theaters, which can either be salted or sweetened.  Being a finger food with minimal to zero noise it cracks on every bite, renders it as the ideal snack to chow on while gaping at  your favorite flick on the big screen.

The mushroom shape of caramel popcorns and the mix of butterfly-and-mushroom shaped cheese popcorns makes it more easy to gobble up and enjoy at the same time.  

In actual fact, we only ordered for the Caramel Popcorns, but the Filipina staff was kind enough to scoop on extra Cheese Popcorns for us to try.  Thank you, kabayan (fellow countryman)!  The medium sized order was brimful with popped nibbles so the staff supplied us with a large plastic bag to contain the paper cup of popcorns.  Then we were guided to Cinema 8 where the special movie screening awaited for us.

I was invited by Seven Media last night for the private screening and the premiere night of Disney's and Pixar's COCO at Novo Cinemas at the Mall of Qatar.

The Walt Disney Company has again released and supplemented the fanatics of everything Disney and anything cartoonish, another breathtaking and unthinkable musical, fantasy and adventure film about family and pursuing a passion, as spectacularly produced by Pixar Animation Studios.  The latest addition to the successful list of animations by both powerhouse is entitled: COCO

Premiering with Coco was a featurette produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios on a relatively current favorite Disney character: Olaf.  The 20-minute short film was entitled Olaf's Frozen Adventures.

After a physical, involuntary squeeze on my heart and with tear drops that attempted to bedew my cheeks; I have reckoned seven most striking lessons, from the Disney film - COCO, that were automatically instilled into my mind and which are immensely relatable and practicable to real life:

"Seize your moment!"

"Follow your heart."

"It is up to you to reach for your dream.  Grab it tight and make it come true."

"Do not underestimate the power of music."

"One cannot deny, who one is meant to be."

"Never forget how much your family loves you."

"Family comes first!"

Special thanks to Ms. Katie from Seven Media for the invitation and for unknowingly furnishing me new "firsts" last night!

Still pondering on why the movie is entitled COCO and agog to immerse in the Land of the Dead?  When in doubt and curious, you should certainly watch this astonishing and heartwarming movie brought to us by Disney and Pixar.

COCO is showing on November 23, 2017!  That's tomorrow!  Mark your calendars and purchase that movie ticket/s at any Novo Cinemas here in Doha, Qatar.

This is what I wore for the premiere night / movie date.  Orange and Pink motif which perfectly matched with the colors of the movie poster of Coco.

All photos were taken using Samsung S Duos cell phone.

Watch a movie, Enjoy a Popcorn and Eat good food, every day!


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