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What / Where I Ate in Doha, Qatar - KISHMISH

KISHMISH was the very first restaurant for casual dining that I have tried during my first week in Doha, Qatar.  I was so relieved that it was a Filipino lunch buffet that time, which was also my first dining experience at Kishmish.  The second time we were here, it was lunch time still, but I think the buffet that time was not Filipino, so we opted for their combo meals.

KISHMISH is actually a fusion of Indian and Filipino dishes.  The restaurant is relatively new as obviously seen with the brand new appeal of the furnitures and anything from floor to ceiling.  I really love dining at newly opened food establishments!

My forever food and travel buddy has been loving Arabic and Indian foods due to the number of years he has been exposed to this kind of cuisines.  So, he went for an Indian lunch and ordered for the BEEF BIRYANI, which included different Indian sauces and a plate of Chappathi.

During this meal, I have been itching to eat for "Filipino fish", I missed it a lot that time.  Dining at Kishmish was the answer to that craving: I ordered for the combo meal - DAING NA BANGUS with GARLIC RICE AND EGG.

For our drinks, a can of cold Coca-cola and bottled water were our choices.

My Ratings:
Restaurant Concept = 9 of 10 
( fusion of Indian & Filipino cuisine )
Menu Options  = 8 of 10
Food Serving Size = 8 of 10
Set Concept = 9 of 10
Overall Food Taste = 8 of 10
 Lay-Out and Interior Designing = 8 of 10
Size of Restaurant = 8 of 10
Restaurant Lighting = 8 of 10 
(natural lighting was available through the glass walls) 
Ambiance = 10 of 10 
Services of Staff = 9 of 10 
Money Value = 8 of 10 

OVERALL RATING = 84.55% Recommended

KISHMISH is located at Ibn Seena Street, Al Muntazah, Doha.

Photos taken using Samsung S Duos cellphone.

Eat good food, everyday!


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