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Something Filipino in San Bruno, California, U.S.A. - TASTEBUDS

A Filipino, where ever he/she may be, will always have an appetite for Filipino cuisine.  Even, when we were in the United States of America, after a week in their country, our craving for something Filipino was ultimately satisfied in San Bruno, California!

Big thanks to the sister-in-law of one of our companions from work, who invited us to have dinner at TASTEBUDS! It was I think an hour drive, or a little more, from the place where we stayed in San Francisco.  But it was way too worth the drive.

We were 8 diners in this Filipino restaurant and despite the number of dishes that were ordered, our host for the dinner still went home some leftovers! So here's a round up of those sumptuous dishes from TASTEBUDS!  The foods undeniably enchanted our taste buds that night!

Food Rating (Serving Size ) = 8 of 10
Food Rating (Taste) = 9 of 10
I do always love this simple yet sumptuous recipe for a beef, plus the vegetables!

Food Rating (Serving Size) = 9 of 10
Food Rating (Taste) = 7.8 of 10
Taste and ingredients used are typical of a Bihon recipe back home.

Food Rating (Serving Size) = 8 of 10
Food Rating (Taste) = 7 of 10 
Not as delectable as CNT Lechon of Cebu and I am not a fan of Mang Tomas sauce on my lechon.

Food Rating (Serving Size) = 10 of 10
Food Rating (Taste) = 8.8 of 10 
Lechon Paksiw is always expectedly delish.

(Diced crispy pork served over eggplant & cooked w/ shrimp paste)
Food Rating (Serving Size) = 10 of 10
Food Rating (Taste) = 100 ! of 10 
Despite the very long distance of San Francisco from the Philippines, this may be one of the reasons that I yearn to go back and just have a bite of this very mouthwatering and addicting pork dish with shrimp paste and mango!!!

(Stewed oxtail chunks in peanut sauce)
Food Rating (Serving Size) = 9 of 10
Food Rating (Taste) = 8 of 10 
Though I rarely take a risk on swallowing this kind of dish, its look has attracted my curiosity.  Hence, I tasted the thick, rich-tasting sauce and the veggies.  It was worth a try!

(Grilled pork in special sauce, spices, onions & peppers)
Food Rating (Serving Size) = 8 of 10
Food Rating (Taste) = 8 of 10 
I am not a fan of Sisig, but when I tasted this, I cannot help but give a thumb up.

My Ratings:
Restaurant Concept = 10 of 10 
( Filipino Cuisine + Lechon dishes)
Menu Options = 8 of 10
Food Serving Size = 9 of 10
Overall Food Taste = 8.8 of 10
 Lay-Out and Interior Designing = 7 of 10
Size of Restaurant = 6.8 of 10
Restaurant Lighting = 6 of 10 
Ambiance = 8 of 10 
Services of Staff = 9 of 10 
Money Value = it was a free dinner

OVERALL RATING = 80.7% Recommended
(this rating is mostly of the food taste and serving size)

TASTEBUDS is located at 582 San Bruno Ave W San Bruno, CA 94066.

Photos were taken using Samsung S Duos cell phone.

Travel, and Eat good food, every day!

Tastebuds Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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