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Upcyling Food Leftovers - LECHON

Have you ever heard of the word UPCYCLING?

The term upcycling is defined as the process of converting old or discarded materials into something useful and often beautiful.

In my case, I am not Upcyling materials but I am reworking on FOOD LEFTOVERS, making it still edible but more tastier.

 - Upcycled SPICY LECHON SKIN Ala Sirila -

- Upcycled SPICY LECHON MEAT or called in our dialect as LECHON PAKSIW Ala Sirila -

First main ingredient for this cooking challenge is LECHON!

Cebu is best known for its tasty lechon.  And this grandiose tasty roasted whole pork is almost at all times the highlight in the food table of every occasion in the city and perhaps the entire province and the Visayas region.

Spices and various condiments are the basic ingredients that I used in the two "upcycled" recipes with the lechon leftovers, from our town fiesta, as the core ingredient.

The lechon has actually two main parts, as I would like to categorize it: 
the Crispy (especially right after roasting) SKIN 
the mouthwatering strands of pork MEAT.

I am the type of person, both as the cook and the food taster / eater, who loves to have a meal with at least two kinds of viands.  In this upcycling cooking challenge, I decided to separate the Skin from its Meat to be able to prepare my two desired recipes.

The crispiness of the skin was not retained however with the melange of spices and sauces, a delectable taste has been achieved which gives a palatial kick in the mouth.

The most common way to rework a lechon is cook it into what we call in our dialect as PAKSIW,  and with lechon as the main ingredient, it is called LECHON PAKSIW.

F.Y.I - Paksiw is a Filipio style of cooking whose name means "to cook and simmer in vinegar."

But, I can assure you that this recipe is not quite the normal Lechon Paksiw since I added some herbs which imparts a different twist to its usual taste plus it is utterly hot with the generous chili species I poured in.

Do you do Upcycling Food Leftovers too?
Share your stories with me.

Let's get cooking and Eat good food, everyday!


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