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Three's Not Yet A Crowd: NESTLE'S KITKAT & CHUCKIE

When it comes to snacking, anything with chocolates is very likable and is almost always the top choice, especially for chocolate-lovers like me.

What do you think of a chocolate-coated wafer and chocolate milk drink as your snacks?

NESTLE is a food and drink company, known globally and is also having offices and manufacturing sites in the Philippines.  Nestle is the manufacturer of the famous wafer-fingers snack brand KITKAT and children's favorite chocolate  milk drink CHUCKIE.

In the Philippines, KITKAT is available in three flavors: Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Green Tea.

The original or let's just say, the mother flavor of the KITKAT variants - Milk Chocolate!!!

CHUCKIE Chocolate Milk Drink comes in three flavors too: Chocolate, White Chocolate and Choco-Strawberry!  Oh, kids and kids at heart would love them all!

Chocolate flavor is the original or let's just coin it again as the mother flavor of the CHUCKIE variants.

Eat good food, everyday!


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