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Food Delivery in Doha, Qatar - KFC

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is globally available which makes a fan of this famous fast-food totally delighted.

Being in a new place with expected new tastes is bewildering and offers a threat to anyone's taste buds.  So having around familiar names of restaurants and fast-foods saves the day. How much more if the food man just knocks on your door to hand you those crisp, deliciously-smelling fried chicken.  The advent of food delivery not just saves your time but also energy when you are too lazy to prepare a meal or too worn out to go out of the house to buy one.

In Doha, TALABAT.COM is a household name, online.  It is the famous delivery service in the city that enlists almost all eateries within the vicinity of the metro.  It is specific to catering the food needs within a given parameter of the client's location so that food will be delivered hot and fresh at your doorstep.

Unboxing the delivery...

We actually ordered three kinds of KFC goodies:
1.) Dinner Set - 3 pieces of chicken (spicy), one bun and french fries 
(opted it to be spicy, i think with additional 1 QAR)
2.) Firecracker Chicken
3.) Krushers Mojito

A close-up shot of the FIRECRACKER Fried Chicken.  As the name implies, it is FIRE since it was very spicy, as obviously seen with the red colored spice powders that coated the chicken skin; and CRACKER since the breading / coating had a unique texture, bigger enough to help you create that "cracking" sound on your mouth.

I was at first dismayed but then later on astonished to have known that in the Middle East, they have a different rendition of the KFC Krushers.  They only have one version, which is the MOJITO - a Sprite-based drink with fresh sliced lemons and mint leaves and ice.  Indeed a refreshing drink and the perfect match for the spiciness of the fried chickens.

My overall rating:
Food  Options / Serving Size / Taste / Money Value = 9 of 10

Unfortunately, RICE is not a staple to KFC delivery. 

To order for KCF, visit TALABAT.COM or ZOMATO.COM

Eat good food, everyday!


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