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Food Review: Jack and Jill's Coated Pretzels

It's snack time and why not take out those four different flavors of coated knot pretzels from Jack and Jill megabrand!

These snack products is a Filipino pride since it is made by Universal Robina Corporation.

Jack and Jill's knot pretzels now comes in four toothsome variants: 

1. Choco Knots - Chocolate Coated Pretzels (brown color)
2. Berry Knots- Strawberry Cream Coated Pretzels (pink color)
3. Milk Knots - Milk Coated Chocolate Pretzels (cream color)
4. Choco Knots Blast - Chocolate Coated Chocolate Pretzels (dark brown color)

My most favorite flavor is the CHOCO KNOTS - Chocolate Coated Pretzel.  This was the first among the four that came out from the group.  I love the crispiness of the pretzels and the milk chocolate coating is pleasurably tasty.

Food Taste Rating: 9 of 10
Content per pack Rating vs. Price: 8 of 10

Eat good food, everyday!


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