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What / Where I Ate in Hong Kong - POPEYES LOUISIANA KITCHEN

Travelling is such an amazing experience, most especially if the trip is outside of the country.  Last March of this year, I had the chance to travel, for the very first time to the United States of America.

But, since we travelled with Cathay Pacific, it is but part of their route to always make a stop over in Hong Kong.  We had a lay-over of more than 12 hours.  And what better way to spend such free time is to step on to the soils of Hong Kong.

An OVERNIGHT in Hong Kong is not complete without having to see and experience the bustling night life of the city.

For my dinner during this stay, we opted for Chinese noodles, the YAU MA TEI noodles as recommended by the husband of my boss.  Unfortunately, I was not unable to capture the noodles that we ate.

This is my first photo for the hashtag: #fromwhereistand
 This is the very first photo of the series of #fromwhereistand shots, and the first shot is in Hong Kong.  It was even late that I discovered such hashtag in instagram.
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Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is an American multinational chain of fried chicken fast food restaurants founded in 1972 in New Orleans, Louisiana.   

The fast food chain is somehow preparing my gastronomic needs for my trip to America, since Popeyes is an American eatery.

We left the Casa Hotel along Nathan Road quite early so we did not have the chance to eat breakfast.  We managed to control our hunger and finally decided to catch up breakfast on the food court area of Hong Kong International Airport.  I opted for something American, thanks to Popeyes.

Food rating: 8 of 10.

Do keep coming back for my adventures with food in America.

Eat good food, everyday!


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