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What / Where I Ate - 10 Dove Street

This post is my 100th post for this blog!  Just in time that the restaurant that I am featuring in this post for today starts with a number - 10 DOVE STREET.

10 Dove Street is a restaurant that I found perfect for a quite romantic day date.  My forever food buddy and I decided to have early dinner some few months ago.

Menu photo borrowed from HERE.

My forever food buddy's choice of meal was the 10 DOVE STREET EXPERIENCE.
A soup + salad + sandwich + dessert meal costs Php 275.00

- Crab and Corn Bisque -

- Mandarin Tango Salad -

- Wild Turkey Sandwich - 

- Avocado Pandan Cake -

My choice of meal was the KITCHEN FAVORITES.
A soup + entree + dessert meal costs Php 295.00

- Broccoli and Cheese Soup -

( my forever food buddy poured on top of the soup with lots of black pepper powder )

- Country Style Roast Pork - 

- Chocolate Decadence Cake - 

Our choice of DRINKS: Coffee Americano for my forever food buddy and mine was a soda.

My overall rating for the restaurant:
food + prices + ambiance + services = 8 of 10.
My rating is basically more of the interior designing and ambiance of the restaurant, plus the cakes tasted delicious too.

10 DOVE STREET is located at
 Oakridge Business Park, 880, A.S. Fortuna Street, Mandaue City

Eat good food, everyday!


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