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What / Where I Ate - Crazy Crab

Going crazy with crabs - and prawns too - at CRAZY CRAB!

The restaurant was not roomy and not well-lighted, but it was already peopled when we entered- mostly Koreans.  With that observation, it meant that the eating place was worth a try.

The live crabs that were place inside a small aquarium near the entrance of the restaurant.

The foods that we ordered as captured below:




I am basically allergic to foods rich in histamines and the number 1 food to avoid is crab. 

 Though I have eaten crabs before, which always gives me itch (even with small bites, and when I risked more, rashes, stomach pains and difficulty in breathing were experienced); 
I always allow myself to take risks some times.  And that day when we entered Crazy Crab restaurant was one of those challenging days I had to face.

 As foodie warriors, we need eating utensils to feed the hungry stomach.  These were the eating "props" that were served to successfully eat the crab.

 I was honestly quite dismayed with the taste.  Maybe because my expectation was high.  The taste of the CRAB AND CORN soup was nothing really memorable.  My rating is 6 of 10.

 The unexpectedly yummy shrimps at different mouthwatering angles.  I highly recommend this BAKED BUTTERED GARLIC PRAWN dish.

If I can rate this dish beyond ten (my rating =10 of 10), I will give it a 100 score.

 The HOT AND SPICY CRAB at different angles.

 I am not a lover of crab but I am giving a generous rating for this dish = 8 of 10.  The sauce was delish and the spiciness was very close to perfection.

 Obviously, the mode of payment is CASH only.

My overall rating: 
Food + Ambiance + Services + Price = 8.5 of 10 
- mainly because of the foods, again, especially the prawns!

CRAZY CRAB is located at:
GF, Gaisano Country Mall, Gov. M. Cuenco Ave, Apas, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu

Opens: 11 am - 8 pm

photos taken using iPhone4s

Eat good food everyday!


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