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What / Where I Ate in Hong Kong - Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine

Happened to have the opportunity to be in Hong Kong some few months ago.  And since I blog, seriously blog now about food and food establishments,  I had then the best chance to capture my gustatory adventures and now sharing it with my seemingly "eager-for-good-food" audience.

The search for anything with Hello Kitty or about Hello Kitty direly continues.  And when we were to travel to Hong Kong, I researched and discovered that the people of Hong Kong have extraordinarily adopted Hello Kitty in their culture and made a restaurant dedicated to the famed Sanrio character with a prominent touch of the Chinese cuisine.

This is the facade of the HELLO KITTY CHINESE CUISINE.  It is not located in a remote and special area.  But the red signs and posts attract the passers-by and onlookers' curiosity.  When you look closely, oh my, it's Hello Kitty in Hong Kong!  

Upon stepping my foot on the restaurant, I felt a shiver travel up my spine.  It was the same feeling that I experienced on my first visit to Hello Kitty House in Bangkok, see HERE.  The first visit to your dream place is always special and memorable, do you agree?

Every detail counts, so everything inside the restaurant was meticulously constructed, designed and decorated to showcase the "kawaiiness" of Hello Kitty. OMG! #HelloKittyMadness

DIMSUM is a staple to any Chinese menu.  As a fan of Hello Kitty, Seeing her face on the menu urges you to order all those recipes with her on it.  But definitely, we cannot eat them all so we have to carefully choose a few.  

The photo above summarizes our order. Seeing this picture reminded me of my wishful imagination to see Hello Kitty's face on my food plate.  And it did happen.

This is one order of HELLO KITTY SHRIMP DUMPLING.  Taste is really good and the presentation is cute. The cost did not really matter. My rating is 10 of 10.

This was my order.  It comes with a set of rice and viand.  Honestly, because of my overwhelming excitement, I forgot to take note of the name of this dish.  Definitely, it has as steamed white rice, broccoli and some eggs made into soup.

The taste was not salty, not bland.  It was just right.  It was a healthy, hearty meal.  My rating for taste is 7 of 10 but the serving is more than enough for one.  Overall rating for this dish is 9 of 10.

This was Sheynne's order, but I got to taste it too. (As a food blogger, it is a must for me to taste my companions' food - if they permit so too).  This, I was not also able to take note of the name of the dish.  It still has steamed rice - colored - and an apple.  The taste was more than ok, I'm giving it an 8 of 10 and serving size is good for two.  My overall rating for the dish (still disregarding the cost) is 10 of 10.

My overall rating for the restaurant: food + ambiance + services = 10 of 10!
I am not being biased as a fan of Hello Kitty, but I went to this restaurant not just for the food, but for the experience and wonderful memories and stories to share.  My overjoyed self with all expectations being gratified results to a perfect 10 as my best honest rating that I can reward for restaurant's excellence.  Kudos to the brains behind the concept.

This was my outfit to the restaurant, with a hint of red to match with the restaurant's theme color.  This photo has captured my happy tummy and my delighted self.  Thanks to Sheynne for the picture.

Lee Loy Mansion, Canton Rd, Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong

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