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What / Where I Ate - Borussia

Travelling, with your favorite travel buddy and without really knowing where you are heading to is totally one ultimate adventure in this lifetime.  But travels are not complete without having to taste the goodies in store for tourists in the local food shops and eateries in those newly traversed destinations.  

And that was what my travel buddy and I did.  We traveled  really far with nothing specific  in mind... and BORUSSIA was one good discovery in northern part of Cebu, particularly in the municipality of Sogod.

BORUSSIA is a German restaurant, owned and operated by German couple Jürgen and Chuchi Männchen

Here's what we ordered for our lunch:

VEGETABLE SALAD - my food and travel buddy and I are so in love with healthy foods, so we do not skip eating fresh green vegetable salads in every meal, as possible as we can.

Main Course: 
My food buddy's order - GERMAN SAUSAGE + MASHED POTATO


It was a good salad, the vegetables were fresh and the herbs added taste and texture but there was nothing really special on it. I was expecting it to be more of German-like since we were in a German restaurant but the ingredients used were very Filipino. Rating - 8 of 10, despite my expectation was not met but the freshness and crispiness of the vegetables were a bonus.

Sausages of this size and that taste do represent the German taste.  I asked my travel buddy if the sausage reminded him of the sausages he tasted in Germany and he said these were closely similar. (f.y.i. - my food buddy has been to Germany since he is having his Masters in Nanotechnology in Kaiserslautern, Germany)  The mashed potato tasted good and the texture was a-ok!.  Rating - 8 of 10.

The lasagna was not a memorable dish.  But the serving size was big for one hungry stomach. My rating - 7 of 10.

We had pistachio ice cream for dessert. 

My overall rating including the place, the foods, the service (quite not fast since there were lot of customers coming in), but the owner was really a nice person = 8.5 of 10.

BORUSSIA is located along Central Nautical Highway, Bawo, Sogod, Cebu City. For reservations, you can contact 516-2463 and mobile number 09173293753. 

Eat good food, Travel and Live in style, everyday!

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