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Weekend Food Fair at J Centre Mall

Street food at its finest; taste it at the weekend food fair at J Centre Mall.

The weekend food fair at J Centre Mall happens only on Saturdays and Sundays and offers a wide array of food selections - street foods and pastries and some fresh fruits and vegetables.  We oftentimes drop by at the mall on Sundays to have a taste of all the goodies that the food fair has to offer.  

My new favorite street food, DYNAMITE! ( green pepper - SILI ESPADA wrapped in LUMPIA WRAPPER)

Loving these fresh fruits, though the green mangoes are missing at this time, but the crispy PAPAYA fruit and sliced SINGKAMAS (Mexican turnip), spicy vinegar dipping + salt will ultimately complete your taste buds craving.

Have you tasted PICHI-PICHI?  - This is a Filipino gelatinous dessert that is made of grated cassava and sugar and poured over with grated coconut meat.

Another love of mine, proudly Cebuano is the PINTOS! , made from ground corn, milk and either butter (special) or margarine (ordinary) and wrapped with the corn sheath, then steamed.

These flavored fruit inspired juices with sinkers are my favorite choice of refreshments, the melon juice is the best!

And last but not the least, the epitome of street food in Cebu, and in the Philippines are the FISH BALL ( not pictured), FISH TEMPURA and SQUID BALLS in sticks! The modern version now is that the goodies are sliced and placed in cups and poured over with the condiment of your choice blend (sweet or spicy or mixed).

165 A.S. Fortuna Street, Bakilid,
Mandaue City, Cebu,
Philippines, 6014
(+63) 32 266 8888

 Eat good food and Live in style, everyday!


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