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Cafe Chronicles: Bintana Coffee House

BINTANA is the Cebuano term for window, and this is also the exact name of the coffee shop / eatery that we visited, which is completely called as BINTANA COFFEE HOUSE.

I knew we were going to a coffee shop, but since it was lunch time then, please don't expect to see a cup of latte americano or a frappe coffee.  All orders taken were full meals to feed the growling GIT.

I personally loved this toasted bread, overloaded with molten cheese.

Bintana's version of PALABOK.

Watermelon shake, not really recommended.  Tasted like lipstick.

I forgot the name of this, but I remembered I was in awe upon my first bite and even until the last.

I think this was a fish and chips with a dip dish. It was good.

Bintana Coffee House is located at Elizabeth Pond Street Cebu City.

The place is perfect for study group or self-study, as what I have observed with most the people dining there.  Most of them were students. They were there to have lunch or sip their favorite drinks and to spend another hour or two to study using their electronic gadgets and group study with a bunch of classmates.

Generally, I am giving it a rating of 7 out of 10.  

Eat good food and Live in style, everyday!


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