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What / Where I Ate - The Classroom

The family was up to another "food adventure".  This time, somewhere in Mandaue City, as we were from Park Mall doing some groceries. It was meal time and it was expected that all eateries (restaurant, fast-food chains, food kiosks) were jam-packed with growling stomachs.  Our option was to cross the street from Park Mall to the neighboring arcade-type of establishment, collectively called as City Time Square. 

 From among the line-up of restaurants, we decided to give THE CLASSROOM a try.
We ordered one of their BOODLE sets.

Our choice of boodle set is filled with anything Filipino.  The dishes and presentation were  so Filipino as the foods were served on layers of smoked banana leaf.

The appetizers were undoubtedly irresistible.  Definitely, a scoop of rice is not enough with these salty and sour starters. 

 The soup is another "Tatak-pinoy" or more appropriately "Tatak-Cebuano" as this is called as UTAN BISAYA.  This kind of vegetable soup is my parents' favorite.  In my opinion, my mom's recipe for this soup is the best.

 The main dish is filled with all-rice-consuming viands: from chorizo, to salted egg and to grilled porkchops.

The interior designing of the restaurant somehow stood up with its name.  The black boards were simply reminiscent of our elementary and high school years' classrooms.

My overall rating for the restaurant (food +price + place+ service) = 6 of 10.

The CLASSROOM is located on the ground floor of City Times Square, Mantawi Avenue, Brgy. Subangdako, North Reclamation Area, Mandaue City, Cebu.

Eat good food and Live in style, everyday!


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